Galaxy International Digital Asset Trading Platform (YHZC) shocked coming, with an initial transaction link ecological co-construction system

July 19 06:40 2019

With the booming of investment in digital assets, digital assets trading platform, as one of the important circulation links, has an irreplaceable significant position. Nowadays, there are too many trading platforms, but most of them are of simple frameworks, low service quality, low security. Scandals such as robbery and etc were exposed frequently, which greatly harmed the interest of investors. At a time when a comprehensive revolution, which have to be safe, stable and have a governance mechanism as well as ecological construction is in bad need, YHZC turned out  surprisingly.

Through years of block chain application experience and based on the concentration of many experienced talents in currency field, YHZC has invested large amounts of money in research and development with a honest, active and professional attitude, dedicated to build a portal digital exchange ecology which can’t be copied. So as to provide a safe, stable, transparent, and effective service for clients, help them to grasp instant market information and investment opportunities in a rapidly changing market.

Platform advantages

Self-developed high speed matching engine

The platform independently develops financial management modules of high-performance  with technology as a support, using the memory matching engine TPS 60,000 / sec which can be extended in parallel. A powerful technical background to provide users with a smooth and fast operation experience. YHZC currently supports the matching of BTC and other assets, and the original WOTC system supports more than ten currency pairs in the world. The multi-channel cluster guarantee service online rate, the quantitative transaction adopts the automatic market-wide depth mapping and sharing, and intelligently completes the algorithm transaction.

Multiple security systems to ensure transaction security

To keep the platform safe and stable, Galaxy International Digital Asset Trading Platform(YHZC) has adopted a security system of the level of Central Bank, which uses the 128-bit SSL encryption communication technology certified by GlobalSign and the Google Authenticator dual verification system to guarantee client’s information safety, it also adopted the mature Layer signature of hot and cold separation architecture to keep client’s assets security. From the transaction to the storage to comprehensively ensure the interests of investors.

Multi-platform, multi-terminal support to enhance transaction convenience

In order to meet the trading needs of investors anywhere, anytime, Galaxy International Digital Asset Trading Platform(YHZC) has launched full-platform client support, which supports APP, H5, PC terminal, as well as market and trading API. The market data of the platform is provided by popular service providers, covering the entire terminal, and the professional k-line is accurate and efficient.

Initial transaction link ecological co-construction system

Different from the current situation that exchange and investors can’t reach win-win, YHZC pioneered the transaction link ecological co-construction system, which enables a win-win situation between exchanges and investors.

Firstly, the global mines are jointly built, making full use of the advantages of YHZC’s global high-quality community and the world’s top-level technical team, seeking high-quality power resources, and building a global quality mine based on this, providing mining machines managed services for every user in the ecology, so as to bring a steady stream of investment returns to every investor.

Secondly, the community management system aims at integrating the upper, middle and lower reaches of the currency circle, breaking the barriers of traditional block chain trading, solving the pain of investment information asymmetry, weak risk control ability, and almost zero team knowledge and skills training. It provides professional one-stop services such as accurate project market information, investment guidance, community training and network expansion for the majority of block chain players, so that under the circumstance of accurate and smooth information, all participants can secure their own wealth in the block chain wave.  

Thirdly, the preferred currency service, Galaxy International Digital Asset Trading Platform will seek high-quality currency in the global high-quality community in the future, and successively screen high-quality digital currency to go online at the Galaxy Exchange. All outstanding community members can apply for the currency. After the team’s core experts have screened, they have the opportunity to go online at the exchange.

YHZC will continue to seek high-quality block chain programs, join with the great investors to reach a win-win situation for block chain industry and drive the healthy development of block chain and digital assets investment.

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