Trained Furnace Installation Technicians Operating in Montgomery, AL

July 24 03:36 2019
Trained Furnace Installation Technicians Operating in Montgomery, AL

A furnace is one of the biggest purchases a homeowner can buy for their home. While it may seem a daunting task at first considering all the work that a furnace does to keep a house up and running, some considerations should be taken into account. The first step is finding out what size furnace is needed to service the whole house. Remember that the size of the furnace that is needed depends on the square footage of the house and if there is a second floor or not. Correct installation is extremely important to prevent any major repairs after buying a new furnace.

Obtaining a license to become a trained furnace installation technician is no easy task. The amount of education that they are required to receive before they can go out into the field by themselves is lengthy. Someone who wants to become a technician must join an accredited HVAC program and study anywhere from six months to two years, depending on their location. If they are near a college that offers the courses needed, an associate degree and/or bachelor’s degree can be obtained. Afterward, he or she can do an optional apprenticeship that ranges anywhere from three to five years, depending on the state in which they live. They then can work in the field for a year or two before their education is complete.

Hiring a licensed furnace installation technician from AirNow Cooling and Heating is worth it in so many ways. A small new furnace, be it gas or electric, costs as low as $2,100 and can go up to roughly $5,000. This price can be higher depending on how large of a furnace that is needed. A bad repair or a poor installation job by an unlicensed professional will not only cause damage to the furnace and the structure of the home but also cause many costly repairs that would be needed in the future. In the worst-case scenario, the homeowner is forced to buy another new furnace and start all over again. All of this can be avoided in the first place by the homeowner doing his or her homework.

There is no need to worry about bad repairs or poor installations with Air Now. Everyone is licensed and fully trained to complete any task that is required. The services offered by Air Now are heating, cooling, installation, and repairs. Make sure to visit us or check out and see for yourself.

No matter where you live within the United States, having a working furnace or an HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit is important. Given the unpredictability of the weather during the summer and winter months in these past few years, having a working unit can sometimes mean the difference between life and death; or at least being comfortable or uncomfortable. Do not take any shortcuts. Get it done today.

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