GlobalCFO: Leveraging the power of people with Blockchain

July 26 18:42 2019
GlobalCFO: Leveraging the power of people with Blockchain

Global Crowdfunding Organisation ( is the world’s leading Global crowdfunding system powered by blockchain technology. Based on the world-famous Mobius Loop and the robust Ethereum P2P smart contract-based governance, GlobalCFO seeks to empower non-profits, businesses and individuals to raise funds in the global market in a secure, fast and hassle-free way.

With smart contracts (computer protocols that are specifically designed to facilitate, verify and enforce contracts), GlobalCfO is able to create a pure peer to peer market without the need of a middleman to hold the funds similar to an escrow service. This significantly lower the fees of the high platform normally associated with other traditional crowdfunding platforms. It is also automated and high speed, eliminating most of the time lag experienced with traditional competitors.

Ethereum is the only medium of exchange accepted on GlobalCfO. This ensures a high level of security where users’ crowdfunding activities are protected and a high level of transparency where every transaction can be accounted for in the public ledger. Ethereum is currently being adopted and modified by major enterprises such as Microsoft and British Petroleum to be integrated into their operations. Being ranked the second highest market capitalization, its global reach is only rivaled by Bitcoin. Currently, all donations made on GlobalCfO and addresses can be tracked on to ensure transparency and fairness.

Many key factors give GlobalCFO a competitive edge over its competitors. GlobalCFO’s smart contract system and auto-recurring subscription model allows instant approval for applications and subsequent subscriptions, as compared to going through long and tedious processes. Also, through adopting Ethereum as the medium of exchange, it leaves other crowdfunding platforms in the dust with its blazing fast transaction speed (15 seconds on average), in contrast to days for bank transfers.

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