A Random Act of Kindness By Pulis Plumbing Employees Saved Billy’s Life

July 31 02:00 2019

A small act of kindness brought warmth to the hearts of the Pulis Plumbing team this winter. It all started with a simple phone call from Billy Gilbert, requesting for a plumber.

Upon attending the site, we found an old couple who were being robbed of their trust and money by someone they had previously called to look at their plumbing needs at an excruciatingly high price. The inspection revealed dangerous gas line leakage and gas stove in a dangerous state with a need to be immediately replaced. The gas lines were replaced and Mr. Gilbert was informed about the gas stove, the job was completed and the couple was charged the minimum basic cost.

A few days passed and Pulis Plumbing office receives a call from Mr. Gilbert again regarding the same job. Upon a quick understanding that Mr. Gilbert might have forgotten about the previous visit, another plumber was sent to explain Mr. Gilbert of the issues previously investigated.

Mr. Ahmed Ali told Mr. Gilbert about the gas oven stove and how it was in an extremely dangerous state, he then saw the hot water unit had turned off as the pilot light went out. As he was getting the job done, he heard a small cry of help coming from within the house. Upon investigating he saw the elderly man had fallen off the couch and was yelling for help. Overwhelmed with the situation Mr. Ahmed assisted Mr. Gilbert and spent some time comforting him. He offered to bring some food for Mr. Gilbert but was kindly declined. The compassion and kindness brought two people together from different walks of life.  

Overwhelmed with the situation, Mr. Ahmed offered to find a gas oven to replace the worn-out stove in their home. The story spread through the office bringing smiles to all Pulis Plumbing employees. The team got together and went on a search for a gas stove. Michael Patrick Pulis, owner of Pulis Plumbing Pty Ltd appreciated the efforts being put in by the team and contributed by paying for a gas oven.

Soonest the gas oven/stove was purchased, Pulis Plumbing’s plumber took time out and went back to the couple’s home to install the new gas oven for free, making it a very happy day for the Gilberts and the Pulis Plumbing team.

Here’s the video:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/bmb3PnWtb9o

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