Gives Helpful Tips for Recruiting New Truck Drivers With a Driver Qualification File

December 03 22:18 2019 Gives Helpful Tips for Recruiting New Truck Drivers With a Driver Qualification File

With the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, there’s an on-going need to continue recruiting truck drivers. The process used to hire, train, and retain drivers for the long term is crucial and presents unique challenges, and it all starts with the recruitment of the proper candidates.

If it’s not possible to attract talent and recruit these individuals into the organization, then it’s not even possible to think about how to retain them to meet the growing market demands. The tips and information here can help any company improve their driver recruitment efforts.

Make Marketing Efforts Driver-Centric

According to, drivers will find information about possible fleets or companies on the marketing channels they regularly use. This means good recruitment efforts start with a great marketing presence along with content that’s been curated carefully.

Consider the content that’s currently on the Facebook page and website. Is it only information about the success of the company? If so, it’s not going to be very helpful to a prospective employee. It’s important to ensure that most of the content is driver-centric, which means it deals with the types of benefits the company offers to drivers.

Ultimately, when a driver is prompted to “check this,” they are going to be looking for information that lets them know drivers are treated with care and that the company provides the specific benefits they are searching for. Make sure to highlight any culture initiatives and wellness programs that differentiate the company from the competition too. Providing information about work-life balance, schedules, and fleet amenities is information that potential drivers are interested in learning about.

Be Sure to Target the Right Audience 

Before finding out About those driver qualification files and moving a potential driver through the recruiting pipeline, it’s necessary to ensure the right candidates are selected for the job. Some driving fleets are going to have specific requirements and needs and not all candidates are going to be ideal for the position. By targeting the specific segment of candidates, with help from services like Tenstreet, it’s possible to make this process much more effective and efficient.

Use the Right Digital Recruiting Methods

It’s important to use the smartest and latest strategies to both attract and recruit the talent that is needed. There’s no question that social media is a powerful tool and many drivers are using these platforms to read comments, research companies, and evaluate various employers. When someone likes, shares, follows, or comments on published content, it can help significantly increase the audience to that post.

Getting Recruiting Right 

There’s no question that recruiting the right talent can be extremely difficult. As a result, it’s crucial to use the tips and information here to help find the right people for the work that needs to be done. Being informed, and knowing what methods work best can help ensure quality, skilled drivers are found who will stick with the company and minimize the need to continue finding new talent to take over empty positions.

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