How Amizur Nachshoni, International English Teacher, Spends His Summer Vacation Teaching English in Israel

July 14 06:33 2020

Amizur Nachshoni was born in Israel and lived in the US for many years. With 10 years of experience teaching English and Hebrew, he manages to work with all types of students of all ages, starting from children aged 12, to teenagers and adults, working with them offline and online. In this article, he talks about his experience teaching students English in Israel as part of TALMA – professional development program for young teachers seeking a meaningful teaching experience during their summer off.

TALMA: The Israel Program For Excellence In English. Amizur Nachshoni

Amizur Nachshoni taught with TALMA in the summer program in the city of Rehovot, Israel. Amitzur Nachshoni previously taught in various schools and colleges such as Or-Yehuda, Tel-Aviv, and Bar-Ilan University.

During the summer with TALMA, Amizur Nachshoni recalls one thing: “It was so HOT!” he says. “Anytime I told people I would spend my summer in Israel, their eyes widened and repeated, “Israel?!” To which I nodded and responded, “Yes, I know.”

Teaching in Israel. Amizur Nachshoni

TALMA is an English summer immersion program for elementary school children in Israel. The program brings together US-based volunteers and Israeli teachers who co-teach each class. TALMA allows American teachers to experience Israel while providing English classes to children in low-income neighborhoods.

Amitzur Nachshoni found out about the program through his school director, Shimon Amar, who encouraged him to join. After speaking with other teachers from the school who had also been a part of the program, he decided to join.

“I wanted to see what it would be like to co-teach in Israel during the summer, because usually at that time I travel to other countries, visit the beach and spend time with family and friends,” Amitzur Nachshoni says.

For Amizur Nachshoni and other teachers who participated in the program, they had the unique advantage of being immersed in the culture that their school teaches. However, Amitzur Nachshoni is no stranger to living in a foreign country or being immersed in different cultures. A self-proclaimed “war baby”, he was born in Israel, spent many years in the US, and returned to Israel to serve as a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.

Water game during a break. Amizur Nachshoni

“Every place I have been to in my life, I learned the culture, the people, and tried to assimilate. This enables me to apply my knowledge and experience in every place I go,” Amizur Nachshoni says.

Amizur Nachshoni’s Testimonial on TALMA:

“My mission this summer was to focus on one thing and that is to enjoy seeing the future generation grow, with a little help from me on the way. I can truly say that it was heartwarming seeing these kids eagerly show their mothers, fathers, and even little siblings all the English they had learned. The students were excited to learn and wanted to learn. Their confidence level, whether singing or speaking in English, reached new levels. Every student wanted to participate in some way or another.

There’s no doubt that there were days and times when things were far from great and it seemed like something was going wrong, yet at the end of the day, seeing pride within my students and their parents, made me and my co-teacher so happy and satisfied. I look forward to teaching again in the summer, bringing my positive energy, meeting new people, enjoying and most importantly making a positive impact on young people’s lives changing their future.”

Made by my students. Amitzur Nachshoni

TALMA is a well-organized, professional development program for young teachers seeking a meaningful teaching experience during their summer off. Participants participate in an enrichment program and professional development workshops while also co-teaching in an Israeli classroom.

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