CLEVAIR Debuts Clever Mask Design Featuring UV Cleansing for Personal Air Purification

November 23 18:27 2020
Newly released face mask offers 6 layers of protection and rechargeable UV air cleansing system with fan for removing CO2.

CLEVAIR founder Ben Azoulay was working in real estate development when he was hospitalized on two occasions due to severe pneumonia from HVAC working conditions, in which the temperatures were up to 150° F. After watching his team install UV sterilization devices on HVAC units and contemplating his own personal challenges working in extreme environments, he was inspired to create the all new groundbreaking CLEVAIR mask.

This patent-pending mask features on board UV air sterilization to ensure that every breath of air is as fresh and safe as possible, and a built-in variable speed, whisper quiet fan removes CO2, heat, and moisture. This, in tandem with CLEVAIR’s strategic design, makes this mask exceptionally comfortable to wear – even for long periods of time.

CLEVAIR masks are already being worn in hospitals in Los Angeles, including in operating rooms, in COVID units, and daily clinical settings. Thus far, professionals who have tried CLEVAIR for themselves have shared extremely positive feedback.

“If everyone on the front lines had one of these masks, we’d see infection rates drop in the hospital setting,” said Dr. Pablo Pazmiño, a certified orthopaedic surgeon in Los Angeles. “It’s the best mask. I insist everyone in my office use it.”

Dr. Warren McKay, a former clinical professor of anesthesia at UCSF and currently practicing at Westside Anesthesia in Beverly Hills, said, “The CLEVAIR mask has made breathing comfortably through an N99.5 mask possible. The fan lasts all day without needing a charge. This mask is definitely a great addition to our defense against coronavirus and for the protection of others!”

Other doctors have tried CLEVAIR and rejoiced at its comfort, effectiveness, and long-lasting properties. The mask is trusted by physicians but also a feasible option for daily use by virtually anyone. In fact, with 3 color choices of interchangeable and reusable mask in each box, it’s a stylish accessory for any outfit. The available colors are black, white, and dark blue making it easy to match any social environment.

According to Azoulay, “Our mission is to empower people worldwide to breathe freely, and to feel confident, safe, and protected in all facets of daily life. Our first product, the CLEVAIR Mask, uses our proprietary clean air technology with UV sanitization and a fan to do just that.”

The CLEVAIR Mask’s advanced purifier unit and 6-layer mask removes more than 99.5% of viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen, allergies, and other contaminants. Each purchase includes one purifier unit, three interchangeable, reusable masks, and a lightning USB cable for quick recharging. Shoppers can get their CLEVAIR Mask by purchasing securely from the company’s website. More information can be found at


CLEVAIR (Pronounced “Clever”) patent-pending technology features UV air sterilization technology, a fan for removing CO2, and 3x 6-layer masks per box in black, white, and dark blue, designed as a safe, stylish, and comfortable accessory fit for everyday use. Learn more about CLEVAIR and the Medical Community and watch the full interview video of Dr Pablo Pazmiño, MD, Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon / American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery to discover his experience of the CLEVAIR mask at

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