Study Released on How Important Power Generators Are

January 12 21:15 2021

Many Americans consider themselves prepared for natural disasters. But as soon as the power goes out, many of those same Americans discover that they are actually woefully underprepared for the challenges that await them.

For example, it appears that the average American consumer keeps about $247 of food in the refrigerator most of the time. However, this doesn’t take deep freezers and other cold storage solutions into account. Most Americans, upon losing their power, may have to throw all that food away or watch it spoil.

Furthermore, many Americans are dependent on lights connected to their city’s power grid. If the power ever goes out, they can’t navigate through their home safely, let alone perform any repair work if it’s already dark out.

These hypothetical situations serve to illustrate just how important it is to have power generators and alternative power loss solutions.

Why Are Power Generators Necessary?

A few recent studies help to show why power generators are more necessary than many people might initially believe.

For instance, the Congressional Research Service, or CRS, recently published a report that shows that up to 50% of large power outages are most commonly caused by severe weather. This includes weather events like heavy wind, rain, and lightning. The next highest cause of large power outages is equipment failure at around 30%.

This ties in neatly with a study from Science Direct, which explored the resilience of many households to certain power cuts. The study found that the most resilient households could modify their electricity-related practices – utilizing alternative lights and electrical solutions, for example – and by maintaining backup generators.

Put another way, there is much evidence to suggest that having a power generator isn’t just an extra accessory that many people might purchase if they want to be overprepared. In fact, power generators should be considered cornerstone products and power solutions that most people should have for any proverbial rainy day.

Power Loss Safety and Potential Solutions

Companies like Boundery™ offer alternative and power loss resilient solutions as well. Take their EBULB™, for example. This emergency LED light bulb features a backup lithium-ion battery in the base of each unit. This lithium-ion battery kicks in as soon as a power outage occurs, allowing the light to continue shining brightly and clearly even while a city’s power grid is down.

Furthermore, the Boundery™ EBULB™ and other lighting solutions are designed with energy-efficient LED materials. This allows them to produce light equivalent to much more wasteful incandescent bulbs without drawing as much power. In this way, EBULB™ and other lighting solutions are both efficient and reliable in a storm. plus eco-friendly at the same time.

All in all, the importance of maintaining a power generator and other lighting solutions shouldn’t be understated. Anyone who doesn’t want to be left in the dark in the event of a power outage should certainly look into both. Visit to learn more.

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