The New Sounds of Havana Online Store for Great Merchandise is a Treat for Lovers of Latin Music

January 28 15:54 2021
The New Sounds of Havana Online Store for Great Merchandise is a Treat for Lovers of Latin Music
The new Sounds of Havana online store at Intercept Music is worth checking out by all who sway to the groove of Latin music. Sounds of Havana is the leading online resource for great Latin music. Its channel on Spotify already has more than 8600 monthly listeners, and the number is growing steadily.

According to announcements released by Sounds of Havana, the new Sounds of Havana online store at Intercept Music is a treasure trove for music lovers. 

The online store features a catalog of new products that include stickers, mugs, hats, t-shirts, and cotton tank tops. The Sounds of Havana square sticker is for indoor and outdoor use. It is available in five sizes. The kiss cut sticker is perfect for indoor use. Available in four sizes, this sticker can be cut into any shape to create a personalized sticker for use on gadgets, appliances, books, and sundry items that one can use to proclaim fealty to the charms of Latin music from Cuba and other places. 

The unsex 6-panel twill cap is among the most sought-after items in the store. This 100% cotton cap is built for rugged wear. It features a buckram lining for easy embroidery and ensures that this headgear’s structural integrity lasts long. 

The Sounds of Havana mug with a colored rim, handle, and the inside is ideal for enjoying one’s daily cup of tea or coffee. It can just as easily sit elegantly in a showcase. 

Sounds of Havana is a series of compilations that includes mainly hits from Cuba, in addition to other Latin artists and their music from over a hundred years. Sounds of Havana has over 8600 monthly listeners on Spotify. The company recently redesigned the official website, making it easier for Latin music lovers to connect with the music they love so much. Fans can either choose to listen to the music they want directly via Spotify. Sounds of Havana’s collection of music is also available on Pandora, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

Sounds of Havana’s multi-volume collection includes top names such as Rita Del Prado Carta ya, Anabel López, Orquesta Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco, and many others like them.

“We wanted to give people something different to listen to. Like all other forms of music, Latin music has changed over the past hundred years or so. The volumes of Sounds of Havana take you back to the good old days and is a lot like a chronological documentary of Latin music through the ages.” said one of the representatives for the company. 

About Sounds of Havana 

Sounds of Havana contains hundreds of tracks stretching across several decades. It also spans multiple genres, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Readers can learn more about ‘Sounds of Havana’ from the company’s official website

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