Bad Dog Gang Designs Edgy Products for Active, Zippy Dogs

July 27 02:48 2021
The company helps express the ‘bad dog’ lifestyle through its products without having to speak a word.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, furs, barks and dispositions. While cute and fluffy dogs naturally attract crowds, there is much to love about the more intimidating bunch as well. Their big personalities stand out, and their dog parents want accessories letting the world know that they are different and proud to be that way. Most dog accessories, however, only project good dog energy with bright colors and cute themes. So the new dog supply company, Bad Dog Gang, decided to break the industry by designing edgy products to represent the cooler alpha gang.

Bad Dog Gang was started by a husband-and-wife team. Their idea started back in 2014 when the couple was looking around the dog section in their local pet supply chain. They noticed that no product design represented their personality nor their dogs’ edgier attitude. They started to wonder where they can find the “bad dog” products. Their idea started growing until it expanded into a new company.

“To us, bad dogs are the alphas. They take control, and they probably have some attitude. They know who they are, what they believe and are not afraid to show it every day. These products make ‘bad dogs’ look good.” the couple stated.

The co-founder is a design engineer in the firearms industry, so the ideas for this new company flowed like water. They spent the next five years designing products and paying for patents. After fighting through the pandemic, they released their first product on June 25, 2020. Now, they are working hard to get new product designs into consumers’ hands as fast as they can.

The products they offer include grenade dog waste bag dispensers, dog toys and PVC patches and stickers — with the grenade dispenser being the most popular among their customers.

Dog parents rave about the waste bag dispensers not only for their aesthetics but also for their function. They are great tools for training pups and adults alike for proper outdoor behavior, especially in public places. It can also instill discipline and a sense of responsibility for the dog parents.

“This dispenser is really cool. I’ve gotten a few compliments about it. The customer service is really great. They definitely care about their customers,” shared Cesar S., a happy customer and dog owner.

The Bad Dog Gang team wants everyone to feel like they are a part of their gang — whether that someone just got home from serving the country, protecting the streets, serving society or from a job that takes a little bit of their soul each day. The brand wants to provide quality products that appeal to their customers and — most importantly — express their dogs’ personalities.

Their products, manufactured in the United States, are made with passion and dedication. They encourage everyone bored with the usual dog products in the market or those who go against the current to come and join their gang.

Bad Dog Gang is on Instagram (@baddoggang), and its products are also available on Amazon.

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Bad Dog Gang is a new dog supply company that breaks the industry by designing edgy dog products.

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