TRIHARD’s Innovative Formulation Eliminates The Negative Effects of Pool Chemicals on Skin and Hair

September 10 01:09 2021
TRIHARD’s products are designed for athletes and people who swim frequently that want to protect their hair and skin from pool chemicals and ocean salts.

Pools all over the world sanitize their water with Chlorine or Bromine that are scientifically proven to be excellent at killing bacteria and other germs. However, coming in contact with these bleaches immediately affects swimmers’ skin and hair by bonding to their bodies which creates a “Chlorine Cover” layer that reduces the natural oils of their hair and skin and can cause dryness, itchiness, and long-lasting unpleasant odors.

TRIHARD’s products are designed to prevent and eliminate these negative effects to enable athletes to swim without compromising on their skin and hair.

TRIHARD owns one of the largest Multi-Sport groups in Europe and the Middle East and that’s how it all started – by guiding their 300 swimmers and triathletes, they noticed that each one of them encounters different side effects that swimming inflicts on their skin and hair. When they realized there are no products tailored to their needs nor a brand that understands their lifestyle, they decided to do it themselves.

To develop their Swimmer Shampoo and the other products in the line, the company uses the same product development methodology which they define as LISTEN. TEST. REFINE. DEVELOP entails 4 to 5 feedback rounds in which their R&D lab incorporates the inputs their swimmers provide them with throughout the process.

TRIHARD’s PlecoTech™ formulation is based on the optimal ratio of 100% Natural Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical extract to effectively prevent and eliminate the negative effects of chlorine and ocean salts.

TRIHARD products are being used by multiple Olympic swimmers and professional triathletes such as Catie DeLoof, Kira Toussaint, Antonio Djakovic, Jackson Laundry, and Lesley Smith.

To learn about TRIHARD and shop their Swim-specialized personal care products visit their website at

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