Independent Financial Broker Irene Meyer Launches Her Superheroes Recruitment Campaign

September 10 13:38 2021
Experienced financial services provider and entrepreneur, Irene Meyer, announces plans to expand her team as she recruits to reach more people throughout North America

Irene Meyer has announced plans to recruit “superheroes” across North America. Her goal is to help 10,000 families get out and stay out of debt.  

“I realized that when coming out with this mission that I would need individuals like me, who want to make a big impact on North America. I need as many boots as possible on the ground to share the cure for financial cancer. I left a full-time, branch manager job at a bank in 2018 to build an army of regular people who have the courage and compassion to make a huge difference in the world today, because I have a vision of what the world can look like, with financial education and literacy provided to everyone. I believe there is a lack of compassion in the financial industry, and this is the reason people are struggling,” said Irene Meyer. 

Millions of people struggle to meet their short- and long-term financial goals and obligations. Unfortunately, there are not enough resources to teach the art of wealth management. However, Irene Meyer looks to change this narrative by providing people with the needed information to make correct financial decisions, liberate themselves from debts, and live happily. 

The decision to launch the recruitment campaign was inspired by her mission to help her own family, specifically, her parents, immigrants from the Philippines, enjoy a comfortable retirement, with dignity and pride.  

Irene has helped hundreds of clients in her 20-year career in the financial industry. But after leaving her career as a branch bank manager, becoming an entrepreneur, she was recognized as a Top 100 Rising Star out of 50,000 agents in her organization, across North America.  

For more information about the Superheroes Recruitment Campaign and Irene’s other initiatives visit She can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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