Let the Oriental woman blossom freely, KOREANO goes international

September 14 02:30 2021

On 12th September, 2021 at X:00 EST, KOREANO, the brand under China Uno (Tianjin) Garment Co., Ltd, was invited to participate in the 2022 Spring/Summer top fashion show at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Ms. Yan Huiqi, CEO of Uno, appeared at the show and desplayed the oriental beauty of the KOREANO brand to the international fashion community.

Ms. Yan Huiqi has managed the KOREANO brand for nearly thirty years. With the passage of time and the changes of the era, she has redefined the image of contemporary Chinese women – there is more than one side to life, the identity of contemporary women is more multi-faceted, and KOREANO is to fit every side of women. The rational and romantic KOREANO women, in their “multi-faceted” role, have achieved their own success.

This season’s designer linked their personal sensibility with the brand’s DNA, each design detail was a comfortable support and an elegant second layer of skin. KOREANO women – free from codes, create rules, combining KOREANO women’s innocence and softness together, finding the true self in multiple time and space, highlighting Chinese women’s individual aesthetic in premium womenswear. And this season, KOREANO’s original star flower pattern, combined with oriental secrets, insisted on showing women’s unique dressing and outfit insights, reconstructing the concept of fashion with exclusive Chinese women’s aesthetic standard definition. This was not only Uno’s own brand, but also a representation of the great beauty of the East.

Since its establishment in 1992, KOREANO has been pursuing the sustainability of fashion and believes that every woman has a unique dream hidden in her heart. After 30 years of time, KOREANO has precipitated a unique visual perspective on the aesthetics of Chinese women. It is this philosophy that has led KOREANO to creatively propose through this launch event: “Let the beauty of healthy clothing become the unique happiness of women in life that can be beautiful and inherited!” The future KOREANO women should firmly and independently walk in the world with the most suitable posture and silhouette, thus showing the confidence and power beyond the times.



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