Helping Heal Emotional Trauma Through Laughter with Funny Shrink University

September 20 14:18 2021
Get better results in one’s health care practice by using strategically placed humor as a therapeutic tool to help clients dive deeper into their healing.

Traditionally, therapy was viewed as a serious business. But having lived through more than one person’s fair share of traumas, professional stand-up comedian and licensed clinical social worker Mike Cotayo has learned to laugh about it to get through the pain each time an obstacle or hurdle comes his way. Each challenge he was able to overcome taught him how to help others do the same. And this is what led him to develop “The Laughter Break Method™” and establish Funny Shrink University, a learning hub that offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for healthcare professionals.

The idea of starting Funny Shrink University and incorporating laughter healing techniques into his practice started with Mike’s belief in implicitly using humor to get through difficult times. When he was 18 months old, he got into a near fatal car accident. In the years following, his recovery was supported by a family who had a great sense of humor and took care of him with love and support. Even though the car accident left him with the left side of his body partially paralyzed, walking with a limp, having limited use of his left arm, and being classified under the umbrella of cerebral palsy, Mike’s very funny family showed him that many obstacles can be solved with humor. And because of this, he learned to be resilient and to roll with the punches. It was here that he learned to survive. He literally and metaphorically learned that if the world knocks people down, they can still get back up.

Coming from this life experience, Mike’s approach to working with other people’s trauma became clear as day. It is to apply humor, creativity, and theater-based techniques in caring for his clients. By using humor as a powerful therapeutic tool, not only has he seen his clients thrive but also other clinicians like himself using the same approach.

Through “The Laughter Break Method™,” clinicians are taught how to use strategically placed humor to help their clients dive deeper into healing and bring levity into their work. This method also helps healthcare providers avoid their own stress, anxiety, and burnout, while bringing optimal results to their clients.

Joining Funny Shrink University gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to earn their CEUs in a fun and supportive way, while learning how to make use of humor in their respective practices. Members get access to courses and webinars that are not only educational but also engaging and enlightening.

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About Funny Shrink University

Funny Shrink University is a premier continuing education hub founded by Mike Cotayo that offers webinars and courses that educate, entertain, and enlighten healthcare workers on how to incorporate strategically placed humor into their practice, while offering continuing education credits to qualified healthcare professionals.

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