Garden Creator Studio Launches Workshop for Homeowners to Design Their Own Garden Living Space

September 20 14:48 2021
The workshop combines a design framework with a step-by-step process for homeowners to draw out a plan for the garden they desire.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 – Garden Creator Studio, an online education and garden design coaching company based in Sacramento, California, has announced it is launching a workshop to help homeowners draw a plan for their outdoor garden living space.

The workshop is short, running over a long weekend. The goal of the workshop is to show homeowners how to combine a design framework with a step-by-step process, and get them to complete a drawing during the workshop of the outdoor living space they want for their home.

“We wanted to give homeowners a way to get started quickly, while making sure they were on the right path to get to a garden living space that would really work for them,” says Ed Chandler, founder of the Garden Creator Studio and a practicing Landscape Architect in California for over 10 years.

The workshop is based on using the HPF Framework™, the design framework Chandler developed based on his years of experience designing residential and commercial landscapes in settings ranging from the mountains, the central valley, and along the coast.

“There is so much great information out there,” says Chandler “but how do you know what to pay attention to for your garden? The [HPF] Framework brings the basics into focus, so you can focus on the things that matter for your particular situation.”

The workshop isn’t for everyone, Chandler admits. He notes that for those who just want to press a button and get it done, there is a whole industry of creative professionals ready to help.

Yet he maintains there is value and fulfillment in learning to design your own garden space that you cannot get by hiring someone else to do it for you. One of those values is being able to adapt the design over time as your needs change.

“That’s the real difference – by designing it themselves they gain the ability to adapt their garden now and into the future, so they can always have the garden living space that works best for them,” he says.

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