Ximix GmbH Provides UV Gels For Private Labels

November 19 23:10 2021
The German-based manufacturing company offers various coordinated products for nail modeling and nail design from its in-house workshop in Germany

Ximix GmbH is delighted to announce that private labels can rely on its services for the production of UV gels for their various brands. Based in Saarland, Germany, the UV gel manufacturer produces UV gels according to its recipe and tailors the product requirements according to the wishes of its customers.

Generally, UV gel is used to model beautiful even nails. The real fingernail is coated with UV gel and shaped in the course of gel modeling. As the gel hardens under UV light, the nails appear even, smooth and well-groomed.

Different gels exist for different purposes and contain different properties in viscosity, subsequent elasticity, and resistance. The company says it offers various coordinated products for nail modeling as well as the production of individual nail designs. Its UV gel products are categorized as follows:

– Adhesive – Rubber base – used for priming the natural nail before any gel nail modeling or manicure is done, rubber base gels even out small irregularities on the real nail and are also suitable for strengthening the natural nail. RB07 and RB18 are two rubber gel products characterized by the subsequent application of the soak-off gel which works smoothly because they neither run into the nail bed nor shrink. Other adhesive rubber base gels which Ximix GmbH makes are the RB 24 make-up adhesive and the RBG make-up adhesive containing a discreet glitter portion.

– Build-up gels – can be divided into three areas: Adhesive gel, clear build-up gels, and gloss sealant. As an adhesive gel, especially for nail modeling, the RB04 is also suitable for natural nail reinforcement and corrects irregularities in the real nail. The two clear build-up gels D03 and D09 are 3-in-1 wonders that feature barely noticeable heat when curing and excellent adhesion to the nail. Both are crystal clear and do not turn yellow. Like honey, the self-smoothing build-up gels DL15, BU01, G51, GB11, and G40 lay on the nails and are also particularly easy to model. In the case of the gloss sealant, Ximix has two different products in its permanent range. While TP34 acts specifically as a gloss sealant for the soak-off system, QF03 is a finishing gel without a sweating layer. Depending on exactly what the make-up gel is to be used for, Ximix has three different types with different consistencies. The first is the single-phase make-up gel MU06 is ideal for pinning, 100% self-smoothing, and mechanically resilient after curing. The second is the Souffle make-up build-up gel MU09 is ideally suited for build-up modeling. This gel with a honey effect is self-smoothing and still holds its shape for stencil modeling, a nail bed extension, and for the quick build-up of all nails of one hand. And finally, the MU24 – a highly viscous gel with a jelly-like consistency that is nevertheless stable and remains in the modeled shape.

– Special gel Polish for the three-phase system – in the three-phase system, B07 and B17 from Ximix serve as soak-off gel polish, are elastic, and possess a high covering power. The manufacturer also produces color gels including the classic color gel F04 which can be used as a full cover or for fine drawings due to its color-stable, opaque, and high yield properties. The CF06 is a painting gel that does not develop a sweating layer. And the company insists that it has the capacity for relief modeling and the one-stroke technique with its OS07.

Ximix’s color palette includes several series such as metallic with large or small glitter, pastel or nude, neon colors, and classic colors.

The company assures all customers that it observes the provisions of the Cosmetic Ordinance as well as the guidelines of GMP. And adds that it provides the required safety data sheets, reports, and INCI declarations for all products.

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