The Fact or Fiction of Brain Computer Interfaces – SXSW

November 25 01:21 2021

Austin, Texas – Card79 is pleased to announce their place in the SXSW panel The Fact or Fiction of Brain Computer Interfaces covering opportunities and risks associated with Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and recent developments in the industry over the last few years. 

The Featured Speakers Announced include Afshin Mehin the Founder of design studio Card79, Sergey Stavisky, Natasha Tan and Yujie Wang. 

A highlight of the panel will be the diverse group of experts from different industries having a devoted discussion about the misconceptions of BCIs, the technologies capabilities and their prediction of what life could potentially look like in a world where people are utilising Brain Computer Interfaces. Spanning a variety of backgrounds such as engineering, design and neuroscience, the panel plans to fully explore in depth the fast approaching reality. The panel will unpack future scenarios and the feasibility of these potential scenarios.

In the near future, typing and speaking into devices won’t be necessary with thought-based interfaces since the innovative technology allows people to control devices by using their minds. Card79 explores a forward thinking design approach on brain computer interfaces and has a vision for the BCI user experience that places people in control and prioritizes transparency.

Naturally such advanced technology obtains a great deal of risk and many possible dystopian outcomes. Card79 fully accepts these fears as valid, however, values the need to understand the underlying science.  As designers it is vital to be proactive in order to create solutions that both highlight risks as well as present solutions to avoid stigmas.

Panelist Afshin Mehin, designer and CEO of Card79 explains: “As the scientific developments around Neural Interfaces make leaps and bounds and more capital is being invested in BCI technologies…a future where minds will be connected to technology is looking less and less like science fiction. In order for this future not to catch us by surprise, as user experience designers, we want to start to confront the potential challenges and opportunities that this new technology may present in the most real way possible. By consulting with leading neuroscientists and neuroengineers, we want to start to lay the groundwork for what a desirable and realistic future could look like in which BCI’s have become more commonplace.”

The Fact or Fiction of Brain Computer Interfaces panel will open up the floor to have a transparent, open and equitable conversation of where this technology lies in the near future. The conference widens the perspective of BCI exploration by conversing the positive and negative possibilities in addition to the scientific and technical challenges that shape BCI technology.

The design opportunities available in this realm of technology are fascinating and designers have an impactful role that can ultimately “make or break it” with consumers. This new technology will not only change the structure of society as a whole but in particular the world of design. Card79 is keen on being part of this foundational design work that brings this technology to life. 

About Card79 

Founded in 2014 by Afshin Mehin, Card79 is a design studio located in San Francisco with an extensive dedication to the presentation, development and support of new products and services. Our mission is to give form to the future with an emphasis placed on innovation. 

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