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December 02 19:52 2021

What is corrugated asphalt tile? Many friends have never heard of it. Including Xiaobian, they have never been in contact with the building materials industry before. They really have no recognition of all kinds of roof tiles on the market. This is not because of the work needs. People still have to learn more about the professional knowledge of roof tiles, so as to provide you with more professional knowledge about roof tiles.

Today’s knowledge of corrugated asphalt tile is helpful to people. Let’s get to know it quickly. Simply put, corrugated asphalt tile is what we call roof tile. It is a new type of roof material applied to building roof waterproof. Its main production process is made of plant fiber impregnated with asphalt under high temperature and high pressure. Its advanced tire base manufacturing technology and reliable resin impregnation technology ensure the compactness and massiness of tile materials, lasting color, excellent waterproof performance, weather resistance and anti-corrosion.

Advantages and characteristics of corrugated asphalt tile:

1. Light weight, the weight of corrugated tile per square meter is only 3.5kg;

2. Completely waterproof, asphalt material has excellent waterproof effect, and effective and reasonable overlapping can further ensure the waterproof quality;

3. Ventilation and dehumidification, there is 200 cubic centimeters of space under the tile per square meter, which can effectively take away the heat and moisture under the tile, with good heat insulation, ventilation and dehumidification effect;

4. Weather resistance and anti-corrosion, corrugated tile has strong weather resistance, UV resistance and acid-base corrosion;

5. Convenient construction, can be quickly installed on various base courses, simple structure and convenient construction;

6. Strong wind resistance, correct construction, and can resist grade 12 typhoon;

7. Lightweight anti-seismic, even if the earthquake house collapses, the roof tiles will not cause great harm to the human body;

8. The pyramid shaped textured surface uses dynamic pneumatic power for non hydropower dust removal and reduces permeability at the same time;

9. Recyclable, simple construction, saving manpower, material resources and time.

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