Living the Legacy – Susie Briscoe’s Newly Released Book is an Essential Guide for Self-Actualization

December 08 14:45 2021

Dallas, Texas, USA – December 8, 2021 – Highly coveted legacy mentor, Susie Briscoe has now released her latest book, Ascension to Legacy: How to Live Your Legacy in Your Lifetime. The new book helps people understand how each moment of their current life contributes to their legacy. Most people think legacy is what they will leave behind when they die, but Susie wants her readers to understand that a person’s legacy is to be lived in every present moment, not to be left for the future.

Ascension to Legacy is a sequel to Susie’s first book on the topic of legacy, Colour Your Legacy. While the previous book discussed the importance of legacy and how one can leave behind accomplishments and a good fortune for their future generations to make good use of, the new book defines a more philosophical and communicative approach towards legacy. In Ascension, Susie discusses how she, with the help of her mentor Baeth Davis, had a revelation that helped her explore the broader social connotations of how legacy is formed and how present actions contribute to legacy more than what is left behind. With every kind interaction, be it with a stranger, with a friend or with a family member, one creates a fond memory that lives on long after that person is gone. Living life with this perspective in mind can help one live a life that is more spiritually fulfilling and nurtures not just one person but everyone around them as well.

Susie Briscoe is a #1 international best-selling author and a lifestyle and legacy mentor who has helped thousands of people find their passions and build their legacies. Being an international business executive, she is the Founding Chair of Acer Coaching Associates. Her work transcends barriers and has helped individuals and companies in various settings, and across various industries. In addition to her individual literary endeavors, she has also co-authored 9 international best-selling books throughout her career.

This new book takes a deep dive into the world of chakras and the impact they have on the present and the future. Referring to her work as ‘Chakraology’, Susie refers to Maslow’s theory while discussing the seven main chakras that can help people from all walks of life attain internal peace and tap into a new era of self-actualization in their life. Susie Briscoe is available for interviews.

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