Team Hilbert at Keller Williams Realty, Greater Rochester, speaks on buying and selling in today’s market.

May 17 03:48 2022
The full-service real estate team has helped thousands of families buy and sell homes in Rochester, NY.

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The general sentiment surrounding the real estate market is that houses will continue to be in high demand this year.  The mortgage rate increase won’t stop determined buyers; in fact, it will ensure only serious players are in the game.  While most people know the highlights of what’s happening, Team Hilbert at Keller Williams Realty in Greater Rochester, NY, is taking time to elaborate on today’s market: 

“This market can be really hard to navigate for both buyers and sellers,” says Team Hilbert.  “But even when the market swings one way or the other, you can still find or sell your home.”

Their advice to sellers, “Make the house shine!  Don’t rely on a fast market to get top dollar.  Making repairs and staging will typically net you thousands more in the end.”  Let’s not forget buyers in this crazy market!  Team Hilbert says, “You have to be patient, but also diligent.  Be realistic about what you can afford and realize that might not look the same as it did a few years ago.”  

Looking at their track record, Team Hilbert at Keller Williams Realty in Greater Rochester has helped many families complete their real estate transactions successfully. The team explains that the fast-changing nature of the real estate industry leaves most people lost on what’s really going on. Team Hilbert helps dissect the complexities of buying and selling for their clients with trusted real estate agents. “We have over 30 years of real estate experience and expertise while achieving the platinum sales master level year after year, so we’ve seen a thing or two!”

During the 3+ decades of Team Hilbert services, the team has dedicated itself to serving the Rochester area, making homeownership a reality for Rochester residents.  “We are committed to working with you individually and taking the time to understand your unique situation.  You will have an entire team of agents standing behind you at the closing table.”

“In today’s market, buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate.  Our clients benefit from our local partners, as well as our extensive marketing.  We are your go-to source for real estate in Rochester!”

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