Laser Cut Sublimation Masks Become Part of the Style

May 17 15:34 2022

With COVID19 still going strong, we need to protect ourselves from the virus with masks. Masks have been a common health protection product in use for centuries and are especially helpful during outbreaks like this one that could potentially last for quite some time!

Masks have been an integral part of fighting the COVID19 pandemic, but they’re not only for protection! Mask designs have changed over time as well. Sublimation masks have all-new design features that make them more fashionable and comfortable. The new styles can integrate health prevention with fashionability while also protecting you from viruses or bacteria lurking through their sanitary lining.

What is a sublimation face mask?

Sublimation masks are usually three layers, which are constructed from 100% polyester material designed especially for dye sublimation decoration and also include an internal layer of cotton fabric for additional protection.

These fully customisable, reusable and machine washable dye sublimation face masks are ideal for a variety of uses from personal protective equipment (PPE) to gardening, sports, and general health and safety applications.

The advantage of the polyester sublimation mask is that your customization options are almost limitless. From a social perspective, this is very important. It is a good feeling to use humor or funny design to bring a smile to others on the mask. In addition, if masks look cool and comfortable to wear, people (especially children) are more likely to actually wear and use masks.

About Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting is a process that uses high-powered laser beams to cut through different materials. When it comes to creating custom sublimation masks, the laser cutter can be an integral part of making these stylish pieces of sublimation masks. Here are some ideas for how you might use this innovative technology to make your next batch of face masks and other sublimation textile products like athletic wear stand out from the rest.

CO2 laser is the perfect tool for cutting polyester. It can cut through smoothly and seal up any loose edges without leaving a single fray, making it an excellent choice when you need to create durable sublimation face masks with high quality finishes that will last longer than traditional embroidery or screen printing methods.

Custom sublimation face masks are also very popular items to add to your product line. Goldenlaser’s independent dual-head laser cutting system with camera is ideally suited for contour cutting of sublimation printed fabrics.

The advantages are as follows:

1. Double head cantilever with servo motor. Processing speed can reach 600mm/s, acceleration 5000mm/s2.

2. Equipped with Canon camera.

3. High output: Mask 3s/piece, output 10,000 pieces in 8 hours.

4. With conveyor working table and automatic feeder, realizes continuous automatic processing.

Fabrics cutting has always been an integral part of fashion. But laser technology is giving designers even more options for creating complicated shapes and designs, allowing them to produce highly personalized products like sublimation clothing or flags that would not be possible otherwise. The versatility seen in dye sublimation printing also makes this type of laser cutting machine invaluable when working with textiles as well as garments because no two items require exactly alike cuts every time they’re made.

The versatility of a vision laser cutting system in the textile and sublimation printing industry, as well as its ease-of-use for plain fabrics makes it an excellent choice. Examples of this include cutting various patterns on sublimated fabrics such as jerseys, shirts or flags.

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