The Turnkey Trucking Program producing an upwards of 200% Profit in the First Year

July 05 00:45 2022
Level 44 creates new consulting division to help others benefit from their massive success in turnkey trucking.

The trucking industry has been frequently called the life-wire of the United States economy and for good reasons too. The trucking industry is solely responsible for getting essential goods from manufacturers directly to the consumers. As of 2020, the market was estimated to be worth 732.3 billion dollars with more than 902,000 truck drivers in service. But even though this number of truck drivers is huge, it is still a lot less than the industry requires to execute its services effectively. Level 44 Inc. has, however, taken it upon itself to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

Level 44 has created a consulting division whose major task is to help others achieve massive success in the turnkey trucking industry. This division which is aptly named Next Level Trucking (NLT) Program will guide participants toward becoming fleet owners so they can have a guaranteed long-term steady flow of income. 

Going into specifics, Level 44 has seen this turnkey trucking program allow participants to make an average of $6,000 per month net profit without getting out of their bed. To enlist for this program, intending members are not required to have a CDL license or be an owner-operator. They are only required to be fleet owners that can choose how many trucks they would like to put on the road.

Level 44 developed this program with help from its strategic partnerships with major carriers, businesses, and agents/brokers. According to the consulting firm, “Our strategic partners have industry forecasting abilities, years of trucking experience and major resources that equate to higher premiums on freight and long term contracts.” Moreover, Level 44 will be in charge of getting everything setup and moving including dispatch and logistics. “We organize your business, arrange financing, facilitate the purchase of the semi-truck, recruit, screen and hire the driver, and establish a long term contract with a major carrier.”

Further, this startup trucking program has been designed to have one’s truck on the road in 60 days and within 30 days of the truck getting on the road, profit is guaranteed. Level 44 claims that clients who have been part of this program achieve an average monthly net profit of $6000+ per truck while specialized freight trucks earn an average monthly net profit of $7,500+ per truck.

About the company

Level 44 is a consulting firm on a mission to help businesses achieve their full potential. Since its inception, the firm has helped Fortune 500s, non-profits, mid-sized companies, family owned businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to strive towards the next level. Level 44 offers a range of services including business consulting, business coaching, business startup, sales and marketing development, crisis management, business succession and exit planning, among others.

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