Director General of TRT Sobaci Made Striking Statements at the TRT World Forum 2022

December 09 23:57 2022

In the opening speech of the 6th TRT World Forum held in Istanbul this year, Director General of TRT Mehmet Zahid Sobaci said, “Having opened a corridor in the grain crisis, assured in the prisoner exchange, assisted more than 150 countries in the Covid-19 pandemic and struggled for a life with personality for each of the 8 billion people, Turkey reveals the ‘A Fairer World is Possible’ in essence, discourse and action.”

In the opening speech of the 6th TRT World Forum 2022, which was held on 9-10 December this year under the theme “Mapping the Future: Uncertainties, Realities and Opportunities”, Director General of TRT Mehmet Zahid Sobaci stated, “For a better future, we need to expose the current situation with all its clarity, assess the potential to transform uncertainties into opportunities and together carry the vision of the world’s future towards hope.”

He further stated, “In this framework, we should evaluate the importance and value of the exchange of ideas that will take place over the next two days with nearly 100 speakers and more than a thousand participants from nearly 40 countries. Today, Turkey is hosting ideas, perspectives and diverse voices from around the world. But more than that, Turkey, under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, does not hesitate to put its hands under the stone to act, to provide the problem with a solution, and to protect the rights of all people rather than the privileges of a particular group.”

“Turkey manages the crisis based on the basis of reconciliation until the international problems are solved.”

Sobaci stated that Turkey has played a key role in resolving many global crises through President Erdogan’s leading diplomacy by bringing parties together and being a safe haven for dialogue:

“Turkey, which opened a corridor during the grain crisis, provided assurance during the prisoner exchange, assisted more than 150 countries during the Covid-19 pandemic, and fought for a dignified life for each of the 8 billion people, demonstrates the ‘A Fairer World is Possible’ in essence, in discourse and in action. At this point, our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is steering a process based on cooperation and consensus with all parties until a solution is reached in the field of international politics.”

“TRT’s international channels broadcast with equity.”

Sobaci concluded his speech by stating that they are expanding their international publications day by day:

“It is a sincere struggle for truth, which must be fulfilled appropriately. We see today that truth and lies, reality and illusion are intertwined in the global communication system. There is only one solution to counter this confusion, sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional: to view the whole world through a fair visor, not through filters; to report and broadcast according to the principle of fairness, without distinguishing between the strong and the weak. TRT World and all our international channels in foreign languages, continue their journey by expanding their sphere of influence with such an essential vision.”

“TRT Africa, TRT Persian and TRT Spanish digital channels on the way.”

Stating that they are expanding their international publications day by day, Sobaci concluded his speech as follows:

“In addition to TRT French and TRT Balkan, which we launched this year, our international digital news channels TRT Africa, TRT Persian and TRT Spanish will start broadcasting in the coming period. As TRT family, we naturally focus on global and regional issues with many international events we organise throughout the year, as well as our broadcasts. In this context, as Turkey’s public broadcaster, we comment strongly comment on the global information flow and perception processes that are fed from a single source and have been going on in a unipolar manner for many years. Mr. President, in all these activities, we are supported by the self-confidence you have given to our country in all fields. We strive to make our best contribution to the struggle for a ‘fairer world’ on a global scale in the field of media.”

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