Glendale and LA’s top commercial printing company to soon serve their customers with innovative printing technology

July 23 07:33 2019
Glendale and LA’s top commercial printing company to soon serve their customers with innovative printing technology

Glendale, California – It is very noticeable nowadays that signage and billboards are becoming better with its designs and the quality of it have also improved. Thanks to the rapidly advancing technology in commercial printing, the print and design industry is now embracing an innovation that will further improve the service and the products in this industry.

One of the print and design companies that are now adapting to these innovative changes is the AxiomPrint, Inc. This Glendale-based print and design company who have already served many businesses and companies through their high-quality signage, billboards, and other commercial paraphernalia and items uses the best printing tools and equipment to cater their clients with the best service they can offer.

Considered as one of the best companies in the Los Angeles Printing scene, AxiomPrint Inc. is currently developing their own digital inkjet printing which will surely upgrade their current offset printing that is a standard in the print and design industry that is cost-effective and very efficient. Commercial inkjet printers have become more reliable, faster, and produces high-quality materials and products.

These machines can easily replace the offset print presses with professional-grade inkjet printers that are capable of high-speed rendering that can produce 4,000 words under a minute and speeds for the images and graphics that is high-quality.

Aside from inkjet printers, also, one of the most popular and in-demand printing product is the 3D printed materials. 3-Dimensional Printing is one of the most popular printing innovations today is 3D printing. This type of printing allows the user to manufacture or design a 3D scanning technology which is aided with a computer to produce a three-dimensional object from its digital file.

There are also numerous software innovations that can benefit the commercial printing company and its client. Today, the graphic design software for commercial printing products and projects by offering new and innovative features, tools, and workflows for more compatible designs that can further enhance their client’s projects. The software offers new three-dimensional tools which allow the designers to incorporate three-dimensional software tools which allows them to create more objects and designs that further enhance their product and service range to their clients.

Also, ultraviolet radiation-curable inks are widely used in offset printing, as well as packaging, and manufacturing industries. Such ink is also cured with the aid of ultraviolet radiation which creates a photochemical reaction which helps speed up the drying effects of the ink used in different products and print materials.

Conductive inks are here to change the future of the printed medium is the conductive ink considering that these inks contain conductive materials such as silver nanoparticles and conductive polymers that provide the ability to conduct electricity. This substrate surface can either be paper or plastic and can be applied to the conductive ink on them to essentially make circuits to transmit electricity.

If you want to know more about AxiomPrint Inc.’s current commercial printing services, you can visit their office at 513 State St Glendale, California 91203 or their Los Angeles Print Shop. You may contact them at +1 747-888-7777.

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