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April 13 22:30 2021
Celebrity Billionaire Kris Kourtis has a new podcast called (Kris Kourtis).

13 April, 2021 – Celebrity Billionaire Kris Kourtis launched a podcast called (Kris Kourtis).

Kris Kourtis is found on all digital media platforms such as google podcasts, apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Audible, iheartradio, and so much more.

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The show is eclectic! Kris wants people to feel good about themselves when they listen to the podcast. Kris is the richest DJ on the planet, not by work but by inheritance. In the show Kris will talk about important matters, and entertainment. Born, January 1983, Kris is a TV commentator, Author, Nutritionist and Radio Star. He recently deleted his IMDb account and his Biography can be found on Crunchbase. After interviewing Celebrities for the past decade, Kris had enough.

He is a best selling audiobook Author. And has made over 12 audiobooks. They can be found on Amazon, iTunes and many more sites. He released a song called TOGETHER, that was very popular on soundcloud. In his teens he used to sing beautifully like Mariah Carey but he lost his 4 octaves due to heavy smoking. He is a big PETA Advocate. And is against animal cruelty.

Kris released a statement to the press saying this: ” I am very excited to launch my new podcast Kris Kourtis. I want to inspire and educate people. I have read over 5000 Self Help books and the more books  you read the more you get confused. It’s the same thing with diet books. When one diet doesn’t work, we buy another diet book and the vicious cycle continues, it’s all about lifestyle change. Not dieting! I want the World to enjoy my show. I don’t do long shows per episode. I do about 3 minutes and sometimes up to 8 minutes.

I really want people to enjoy my show. If you have any requests I’ll be glad to do shows that interest you. People who have listened to my audiobooks call me a Guru.

But I’m just a human being just like you. I like to learn because when we stop learning we perish!

We are always on autopilot… we eat, we work, we sleep. We never question. It’s when we start to question that life begins.

I will do my best to give you a great show! Your wish is my command… I am here to serve you with good things.”

Kris was set to launch his new Fragrance Line but due to the Pandemic, the project has been postponed indefinitely.

Kris continues, “I want my show (Kris Kourtis) to be unique. I tell it like it is. My show is now international. The whole world can jump in and ask questions.

“I am here to empower men and women. And share my life too. And add some zest to Entertainment.” Kris concluded.

(Kris Kourtis) will be your number 1 podcast by far on apple podcasts and Spotify.

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