SITEIMPULSE Adds Core Web Vitals Monitoring Feature to their Super Monitoring Tool

May 17 16:12 2021
In line with the Google update for June 2021, SITEIMPULSE has announced the addition of a new monitoring feature to its Super Monitoring Website that is designed to monitor Core Web Vitals in websites and applications while providing insights and proffering solutions

Google is set to roll out an update this June and it involves the integration of quality user experience as part of the factors used in evaluating websites before showing them on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). To this end, SITEIMPULSE has added a Core Web Vitals feature on their Super Monitoring website which is designed to help web developers and brands monitor their sites and ensure they meet up with standards ahead of the Google update.

The Super Monitoring Website helps monitor Field data that is results collected by Google using the Chrome browser during visits of real users and Lab data which are measurements taken under averaged laboratory conditions. The subject of monitoring can be a single URL or the entire website both in desktop and mobile versions.

Website owners will be sent immediate alerts in case of sudden deterioration of indicators. Super Monitoring will send them these alerts once any of the Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, TBT, and CLS) is in the “needs improvement” or “poor” range depending on the configuration they choose.

Basic features of the Super Monitoring website include website monitoring that checks a website’s availability and verifies if it is functioning properly, application monitoring, and website speed monitoring.

The Super Monitoring tool also features server monitoring to investigate the availability of non-website hosting serves such as FTP, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Telnet, SSH, DNS, Connect, and SIP amongst others. Additionally, Super Monitoring also provides domain and SSL certificate monitoring which issues a reminder to website owners when their domains or SSL certificate is about to expire.

Available in English, Spanish, German, and Polish, the Super Monitoring web application has been integrated with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento, Slack, IFTTT, and a wide variety of other plugins. It also offers API access. For a chance to stay ahead of Google’s June Update and enjoy a wide range of monitoring features, visit the Super Monitoring website today.


SITEIMPULSE has been active in the global market since 2002 and started specializing in online monitoring sometime around 2007. The company builds systems that monitor blogs, websites, online stores, and web applications to identify and resolve problems.

Based in Warsaw, Poland, SITEIMPULSE renders services targeted at helping webmasters, internet marketers, e-commerce site owners, and agencies build successful online platforms.

For more information about the company, visit the company website.

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