Ethical Bedding is Rebranding and Launching New Products

September 20 12:54 2021
The company’s new branding and products reflect its mission to bring luxurious, best-in-class, eco-friendly bedding to the world.

Ethical Bedding, the leading brand for environmentally-friendly bedding, announced its rebranding to solidify its stance on the sustainable and ethical manufacture of luxury products. The company said “there’s too much pollution and waste in the current textiles industry”. That’s why their brand and products are geared towards creating bedding that isn’t only good for the body but also for the planet. With their products, they aim to enable smarter homeware choices for consumers.

“Our mission is to help you sleep better, whilst protecting the natural world,” says Ethical Bedding Founder and CEO, James Higgins. In line with their rebranding, the company launches new products created exclusively from the organic textile fiber eucalyptus TENCEL™, as well as organic bamboo and locally-sourced recycled bottles.

Their fabric is sourced from eucalyptus trees grown in forests which are protected and sustainably managed by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that no animal habitats are harmed during the harvest and production of their eucalyptus fibers. The trees are expertly cut to ensure they regenerate naturally and without unnecessary human intervention.

Compared to cotton, eucalyptus trees require no farmable land to grow and 95% less water to produce. Their fabric is manufactured using a closed-loop system that reuses close to 100% of the resources used in the process. This system has received multiple awards for its low environmental impact.

No toxic chemicals are involved in the manufacture of Ethical Bedding’s products, and no workers are exploited in the manufacturing process. The company’s products are created and woven by artisans who are paid what they are rightfully due.

When asked how eucalyptus bedding compares to cotton, company representatives said theirs are unlike any other in existence. In their own words, “Eucalyptus sheets are cool-to-the-touch, breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, and designed to get softer with every wash.”

Ethical Bedding’s goal to create ethically manufactured, cruelty-free and carbon-neutral products doesn’t stop with the use of eucalyptus fibers. The bedding company also has other initiatives to back these up.

“We take accountability. We plant a tree for every purchase. We donate at least 1% of our revenue to global sustainability initiatives. We offset every atom of carbon we produce,” said James Higgins. Ethical Bedding partners with countless organizations and charities to support the environment and the homeless.

Ethical Bedding is currently offering eucalyptus silk bed sheets, duvets covers, flat sheets, and pillowcases. They are launching duvets, blankets, pillows, pillow protectors, mattress toppers and mattress protectors made from a mixture of eucalyptus, organic bamboo and locally-sourced recycled bottles. Learn more about their new products at

About Ethical Bedding

Ethical Bedding is a UK-based, market leading, luxury bedding brand that provides the most sustainable bedding in the world. Their products are all sustainably manufactured from eucalyptus using award-winning, eco-friendly processes.

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