Some Benefits of Countertop Beverage Cooler for Retail and Food Service Businesses

October 26 01:28 2021

If people is the new owner of a convenience store, restaurant, bar, or cafe, one thing people can consider is how to properly store your drinks or beers, or even how to increase sales. of your stored items. Countertop drink coolers are a perfect way to present your cold drinks to your customers. Whether it’s a variety of options, such as ice cold beer, soda, mine water, canned coffee, or prepared foods, a countertop refrigerator can hold all of these drinks and foods that need to be refrigerated until they are served to your customers. The products can not only be kept in perfect storage conditions with optimum temperature but can also grab the attention of your customers to make an impulse purchase when they are hungry or thirsty.

With a wide range of countertop display fridges available for many different refrigeration needs, you can choose the proper one for your business requirements. Here are some benefits that countertop beverage coolers come with, let’s take a look at them as below:

Display Your Items At The First Sight

At supermarkets or convenience stores, You may notice that the drinks and foods placed at the central sections of the larger commercial coolers are sold better than the alternatives placed at the top and bottom, items with a central placement get more attention from the customers, as they are at the same level as the eyes. Fortunately, small countertop beverage coolers are designed for the location on the counter where is the same as the customer’s eye level. In this way, every item in the small cooler can get the direct attention of customers at the first sight.

Boost Impulse Purchase At The Checkout Counter

You can locate the countertop drink display fridge anywhere in your store, and even position it nearby the checkout counter. When customers are waiting in line to make payment, they still have a little time to look around. Positioning a drink fridge on the countertop can easily showcase the products within the customer’s eye line and let them reach. Once customers feel hungry or thirsty when they are waiting for checkout, they would easily act on the impulse to grab a drink and food without consideration.

No Necessity For Floor Placement Space

Another considerable advantage to using countertop fridges for merchandising drinks and foods in your store is that you don’t need any floor space for placement. Countertop fridges can be set on the counters or benches, it greatly helps the store with limited space to open up significant floor space for other placements, rather than occupy a lot of floor space with upright refrigerators. You can bring in more items with some extra floor space, and no need to sacrifice any drink merchandising.




Easy To Clean The Interior

Compared to upright glass door fridges, it is considerably easier to clean. Countertop alternatives are designed for counter or table placement, when spills and leaks pound at the bottom of the countertop fridge, it can be cleaned without bending down to wipe, as is required with commercial upright units. This provides extra convenience in the event of a leak or spill, allowing you to clean up the mess in a few seconds of time compared to larger equipment.

Easy To Refill Items

As the small beverage fridge is placed on your counter or table, you don’t need to bend down to refill the bottom sections. Often, frequently bend down can cause your back and knees to get tired, not only that, but it also consumes more time to refill your fridge. Furthermore, as there are fewer sections to store, small coolers can be refilled in a few seconds of time and with minimum effort. Compare to large upright refrigerators, small beverage fridges can help you save time that can allow you to spend on other things in your store.

Items Are Easily Organized Well

With a countertop beverage cooler, you can easily organize the bottled drinks and bears well. As every single item is in a conspicuous place, you don’t need to worry about where you put the drinks to increase their visibility and easily convert potential customers into paying customers. Such a small appliance allows you to minimize placement to maximize sales without affecting the visibility of all of your chilled items.

Efficiently Reduce Energy Consumption

Countertop beverage coolers actually consume less energy than larger upright refrigerators, as they come with a smaller size and storage capacity than larger units, it’s more energy-efficient to chill your drinks. As most countertop beverage fridges have front glass that can allow customers without taking much time to quickly grab the items when the door is opened, that would minimize the low-temperature air lost, and help save the energy to re-cool the interior air.

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