Paladin Pandas Will Live Stream World’s First Panda Adoption in NFT

December 03 07:15 2021
Paladin Pandas Will Live Stream World’s First Panda Adoption in NFT

World’s first panda adoption in NFT will live stream on Twitter ( on December 7th 2021, 9 p.m. EST by Paladin Pandas.

With a solid community of over 40,000 members “Paladins”, Paladin Pandas ( launched August 2021 in Hong Kong, by a team of 30 people from Beijing, New York, Dubai and the Netherlands. Paladin Pandas created a record 32-minute sellout of 10,000 NFTs on September 28, 2021, and was ranked 6th in OpenSea’s daily trading volume. It was featured on the OpenSea home page. NFT whale owners including key opinion leader and top collector, Zeneca_33, co-founder of Pudgy Penguins COLE, NFT influencers Josh Ong and NFT Girl, crypto artist JN Silva, added Paladin Pandas to their collection. 

After the record sellout, Paladin Pandas’ founder Tasti decided to donate 8 Ethereum to an animal protection charity. The community voted to adopt a 2-year-old female baby panda with the donation,the 1st in NFT history, naming her “Ying Yue,” a poetic Chinese name meaning “the reflection of the moon”. 

“When other NFT holders are watching their projects to donate, you guys are picking a real panda to adopt!”, Tasti, the founder of Paladin Pandas stated.

After two months of negotiations and visits, the world’s largest breeding base of pandas, Chengdu Panda Base approved the adoption request. Paladin Pandas will present the first real panda in the pandaverse! To share the historic moment in NFT history, Paladin Pandas will live stream the adopted panda on Twitter @Paladin_Pandas at 9:00 p.m. EST December 7th 2021. 

The Avatars of Paladin Pandas NFT

This community is full of joy. They collect panda-poo-poos by sending messages in discord and inviting people, then convert the panda-poo-poos into weekly lottery tickets. They also have built a bot called Ying Yue bot, as a cyber identity of their adopted panda. Community members can spend panda-poo-poos to pat Ying Yue. Ying Yue will bring them some treats or she will mock them for fun.

Paladin Pandas team is working on their rogue-like and play-to-earn game, the artistic and creative qualities, preparation of a roadmap 2.0 that is based on more games and utilities, including an open world 3D game and utility tokens.

An illustration of the game: Space Expedition

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