Tree Service Experts Lexington Recruits a New Field Operations Officer

July 05 18:39 2022

Lexington, Kentucky – Tree Service Experts Lexington has faced roadblocks in its recent field operations. To an extent, it somehow paralyzed the company’s activities. After serving the company for nearly three decades, the previous field operations officer retired. Since the professional teams were missing someone who clearly understood how the assignments were to be done, the retirement arrived at the least expected time. The company was buried in other errands and did not realize such a gap would come afterward.

“The recruitment process was fair and merited,” said the company CEO. “The company has been determined in the whole process to ensure Tree Service Experts Lexington lands an ideal candidate with the needed expertise. First, the human resource officer had to establish the vacant position. Secondly, the human resource officer conducted a job analysis to determine the set of skills that will be relevant and years of experience. Thirdly, a job description was determined, and this is what the company felt it needed. The position was then advertised on the company’s official website. Lastly, the company started receiving applicants of all walks of life.”

During the recruitment process, the company had to be keen and determined on the ideal candidature it would wish to have on board. The recruitment had to involve a lot of screening to be certain of the competency levels of the candidate. Most importantly, a recruitment process had to be conducted formally to at least meet the set standards needed when recruiting a candidate.

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“The whole procedure was thoroughly done,” said John, the newly recruited field operations officer. “The recruitment officers on the panel perfectly screened all the applicants. Screening of all those candidates was based on merits and the set standards. Failure to meet the skill set mentioned called for an automatic disqualification as there were so many applicants.”

John noted that the recruitment stages were ideal and involved a lot of interrogation. However, the whole process was conducted in under a fortnight, and this was because a further delay in the procedure cost the company. A field operations officer was the backbone of all the field operations, and finding one of the best fit, was the icing on the cake.

Tree Service Experts Lexington was determined to ensure the vacancy was filled like it was before. However, a perfect replacement like the former field operations officer was a hurdle, and the company hoped for the best from the chosen candidate.

“The worst company’s mistake might have been hiring the wrong candidate. Instead, that is not the case today,” said the company’s human resource officer. “First and foremost, recruiters should always be involved in the hiring process, every step of the way. In some cases, a candidate’s first interaction with the company is with a recruiter. If the company has a solid, engaging recruiting team, they can always count on the initial encounter with the candidate to be a positive one. John was overqualified, which otherwise convinced the team he was the right bet. He had a tremendous experience with matters to do with tree operations. Moreover, he previously worked with a rival firm in offering tree services. That alone showed he was exposed to the operations in such areas and with the operations of the company’s newly acquired crane. As a result, he was intrigued to apply, as he mentioned working for the Tree Service Experts Lexington was always his dream. In addition, the recruitment team played a critical role in managing the candidate experience, screening, scheduling, making offers, and sadly turning down applicants.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington’s base of operation is located at 2285 Executive Dr, Lexington, KY 40505. Customers, however, can access the company through +1 859-517-4272 and [email protected]

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