Kintek Group Declared the Best Managed Service Provider in Orlando

August 03 05:12 2022
Kintek Group is an American managed service provider offering premier IT and cybersecurity solutions.

According to the latest Spamhaus report, “botnets have exploded in popularity, with thousands of new botnet servers appearing each quarter.” To counter the rise of cyber-attacks, Kintek Group extends its premium managed services to brands and businesses that demand top-notch online security. 

“At the Kintek Group, we envision a world where every business has a secure technology infrastructure that is unique to their workflow,” said the company’s representatives. 

Malicious cyber actors of today possess advanced hacking equipment and technology. Third-party threat scanners are too slow to recognize their infiltration operations; third-party reporting tools cannot keep up with the expanding list of malware being deployed for the first time in history, while the algorithms of contemporary antiviruses have been largely compromised. That’s where Kintek Group steps in. 

What separates Kintek Group solutions from modern-day cybersecurity tools is its all-encompassing approach to designing and implementing a unique solution for each client. This solution can accurately pinpoint critical system vulnerabilities, optimize threat assessment & reporting tasks, and provide a reliable safety net that shields the infrastructure round-the-clock. 

The catalog of Kintek Group’s managed services comprises a range of monitoring, maintaining, automating, and protecting tasks, which ensures 24/7 protection of the client’s systems and networks. 

According to the company’s spokesperson, workflow optimization is the key to attaining and maintaining a successful business in the digital age, stating the following:

“Technology offers virtually unlimited potential. It also poses new threats. Digital platforms, servers, and networks are revolutionizing how companies do business. An optimized workflow is critical to your efficiency and your success. Without it, you risk time, money, and confidential data. Our security management and IT services can help,” said Kintek Group’s spokesperson. 

Kintek Group’s solution to advanced cybersecurity threats is multi-pronged. The company leverages cutting-edge technologies operated by vetted professionals that are tirelessly working on improving their knowledge base regarding the latest viruses, malware, and cyber-attacks to transform the cyber defenses of its clients into impregnable virtual fortresses. 

The company also offers cyber training, management, and strategic support to its clients, striving to empower in-house IT teams of its customers with the knowledge and skills required to address modern cyber threats. 

“Cyberattacks are an existential threat to your business. They’re not going away,” said the company’s spokesperson. Brands and firms that have dismissed the reality of these issues have lost millions in the past years. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center report, it is estimated that the year-over-year increase of ransomware complaints is at least 62%. Kintek Group is committed to flattening the curve of successful cyberattacks by providing unparalleled quality managed IT and cybersecurity services.

More information about Kintek Group is available on the company’s official website.

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