First Collect International, A Trusted Debt Collection Agency Offers Debt Recovery Services In Italy

August 08 17:15 2022
First Collect International, a trusted domestic and international debt collection agency, helps recover the debt in Italy.

There are times when customers of certain organizations or companies acquire products or services from such companies on credit. This, for many companies, is done based on trust or because they believe such customers are loyal to them. However, problems often occur when customers fail to keep to their promise regarding their payment or, in other instances, delay their payment even longer. First Collect International is a reputable establishment dedicated to recovering debt for various domestic and international corporations. The establishment has been in operation for over 20 years and has handled a wide range of claims dealing with hundreds of millions. They are committed to providing quality and exceptional services. Thus, their services include T&C review service, legal fee insurance, sovereign debt & unpaid banking instruments, asset disposal, dispute resolution, B2B debt collection, and credit reports.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of First Collect International commented, “Our services focus on helping corporations with recovering debts effectively and without wasting any time, as we understand that matters like this tend to cost companies not only more money but also time. We are here to help you concentrate on more important tasks while we deal with customers who have failed to make payment for your services. We have been in business for quite some time now, and we know what methods to employ to ensure your company receives payments that are due to it.” 

With a team of outstanding professionals who have been in the debt collection industry for years, First Collect International provides its clients with second-to-none services. They provide solutions that help companies eradicate and immediately deal with debts from customers. As a company that has been in business for over 20 years, they understand that when organizations or businesses advance credit based on any terms, they definitely will have slow payers, and this could lead to heavy debts. Their experts encourage that companies who advance credit should first confirm if their customers can pay for the services or products they acquire. This is a service they also render, as they can examine the financial status of customers for companies. Therefore, organizations that want to contact a debt recovery agency in Italy can reach out to First Collect International.

The spokesperson added, “We have worked with several clients from different countries. These include multinationals, renowned firms of accountants, credit insurance corporations, government departments, and sole traders. Our experience serving a wide range of clients helps us improve our services regularly. As a long-standing UK-based debt recovery company, we are members of the CSA, LIC, IACC, and ACA. We also operate internationally, and our debt collection procedures are handled professionally and strategically.”

First Collect International, as a global debt collection company, not only offers its services in the United Kingdom but also in other countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Holland, Germany, Rwanda, Africa, South America, France, and Italy.

About First Collect International:

First Collect International is a reliable debt collection agency offering its services both domestically and internationally. Companies that would like to contact a debt recovery agency in Italy can give their services a try.

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