DJ Abyss releases new singles ahead of the entire album release in September

August 15 13:48 2022
Into the Abyss is the second album from internationally acclaimed German DJ and music producer Daniel Stolze since he came out of retirement.

DJ Abyss has two new singles out ahead of the upcoming release of his latest album, Into the Abyss. It is the second album since the DJ, Daniel Stolze, ended his retirement in 2012. “Azowax” was released in July, and “Wanna Tell You” will be available in August, with the full album release slated for September 30 on his Grooves.Land label. 

Born in Frankfurt, Stolze debuted as DJ Abyss in 1991 and shaped Germany’s electronic music scene with his new sounds and innovative ideas. In 1994 he was named one of the top 10 most popular German DJs and, a year later, moved to Berlin to further cement his success. He was one of the only East German DJs to gain international recognition.

In 2021, DJ Abyss released remastered versions of his early work on the album Paleance. His much-anticipated latest album will be the first release of all-new music in over a decade. “Avowax” has been met with rave reviews, and “Wanna Tell You” shows equal promise. The complete album will be available on all streaming services.


Stolze was a prolific presence on the electronic music scene in the 1990s. He co-founded several techno clubs, including KamithHall and Margin in Frankfurt and Club Marginal Frontier in Guben. He was also the resident DJ in Berlin’s famous club Tresor, which skyrocketed his notoriety. 

In 1992, Stolze partnered with fellow techno DJ Kid Paul to invent Space Admission, a legendary party concept that hosted thousands guests at its peak. The same year, he founded Ten Dance magazine, a free publication that became one of the most important German magazines about electronic music. It had a significant impact on the global techno scene as well, and Stolze served as editor-in-chief.

Stolze shifted his focus to producing music in the late 1990s and early 2000s before forming his labels, Strike Records, Alternate, and Grooves.Land. He released a live mix of his performance in the legendary Berlin club Sage and a best-of Ten Dance CD compilation in 2001. The latter featured seven maxi singles in various styles, from disco-house to Detroit techno, which showed his creativity and versatility.

Despite his fame, in 2004,Stolze retired DJ Abyss, stopped producing music, and ended Ten Dance magazine to focus on his family life. Fans were thrilled when he emerged from retirement with regular mixes on SoundCloudin 2012 and a live performance in 2013. Into the Abyss marks DJ Abyss’ triumphant return to a storied career.


DJ Abyss’ newest singles, “Avowax” and “Wanna Tell You” are now available. Look for the entire album Into the Abyss on September 30.

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