DigitalDashSoft LLC Launches, Check Writer, an App that allows users to write, print, and organize checks from the comfort of their homes.

November 23 17:27 2022

DigitalDashSoft LLC, a fast-growing app development company, today announces its digital check writer app that allows users to write, print, and organize checks from the comfort of their homes – and directly from their phones. This is part of the company’s effort to ease the burden of people spending money on bank checks or those trying to keep track of their checkbooks. 

In his statement, the spokesperson for DigitalDashSoft LLC explained that “People won’t have to order checks from their banks again as they can effortlessly write and print cashable checks.”

The Check Writer app uses the MICR E13-B font to print numbers and special symbols at the bottom of checks, making them recognizable by the bank’s MICR font reader systems. 

Here’s a list of blank check stock products that have been tested with the app:

As made available on the App’s page, Check Writer:

  • Supports business and personal check sizes.
  • Supports the use of a phone to print with a wireless printer
  • Converts the amount from numbers to words automatically to make accuracy easy
  • Users can write checks fast, keep a digital record in the app, and easily print checks that payees can cash.
  • Helps users to prepare checks and share them easily with friends

Check Writer can also save you money and time while you have fun doing it. Once you print your check, sign it and give it to the payee. It’s that simple. The best part about the Check Writer app is that it’s available at no cost to users. 

This amazing app does not extract or store user details. “Your information is stored locally on your phone and will never be uploaded to the Cloud or stored on a Check Writer server!”


To use Check Writer, users must have:

  • a US bank account
  • smartphone or tablet, and
  • a printer. 

No need to create an account in the app. Just install Check Writer, create a checkbook and start printing checks at home for free! To download the Check Writer app or for more inquiries, visit: Android | iPhone/iPad | FAQs

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