2022 World Cup in Qatar – Match Result Souvenir NFT

November 26 12:06 2022

The exciting World Cup has finally started. This year’s event happens to be the 22nd World Cup in 2022, and it is also the first time in history that the World Cup is held in Qatar, a Middle-East Asian country.

In addition, the Qatar World Cup is the first time to be held in the winter of the northern hemisphere, and it is the first time to be held by a country that has never entered the World Cup before. Therefore, Qatar’s participation in the competition as the host is of great significance: the “Smiling Killer” England vs Iran; there is also the 35-year-old Argentine captain Messi, this World Cup is likely to be Messi’s last World Cup, so every game in Argentina is worthy of attention and souvenirs cannot be missing.

Match Result Souvenir NFT is an NFT launched by ABCMETA.io to commemorate the results of all 64 games of this World Cup. You can mint every match your favorite teams participate in as a “victory game” in the form of NFT. Once the game result is consistent with the result NFT you minted, you can get additional META rewards.

Since it is a souvenir in the form of NFT, this method of commemoration is not to stay in black and white to record the team’s victory, but to store the results of the game and pictures of the team’s victory on the blockchain, which is way more memorable than traditional commemoration. After all, the blockchain itself is a distributed ledger, and it is best to record the results of this kind of event. For example, if your favorite Argentina team is playing against Saudi Arabia, you can find the game on the homepage of ABCMETA.io, and then select Argentina’s victory for minting. Within 10 minutes, your wallet will receive a record of Argentina’s victory over Saudi Arabia. Of course, you can check that you own this NFT on the Polygon blockchain network at any time. This is the best way for you to commemorate your favorite Argentine team’s victory over other teams, and accompany the Argentine team all the way through to get victories, and the Match Result Souvenir NFTs of your Argentine victory will bring you generous rewards.

The mysterious prize of NFT :

Each game lasts for 120 minutes, and each Match Result Souvenir NFT will generate a random lucky number between 1-120. The time of the first goal in the final is your lucky number, which means you are eligible to share the mysterious prize pool. For example, if the first goal of the final scores in the 15th minute, then 15 is the lucky number, and all Match Result Souvenir NFTs can participate, and the Match Result Souvenir NFTs with the lucky number 15 will share the prize pool. If the game ends 0:0 in 120 minutes, the total number of goals scored by the winning team is the lucky number.

World Cup Championship Team NFT

In addition to the Match Result Souvenir NFT, you can mint a team NFT for the champion team in your heart. This is like collecting team cards. In previous World Cups, it is very exciting if you hold the cards of each World Cup champion team. On ABCMETA’s World Cup page, 32 teams’ minting buttons have been prepared for everyone. Similarly, choose the team you like or believe is the final champion to mint. After 10 minutes, you will receive the team NFT. As the World Cup continues, at the moment when the final champion is determined on 12/18, as long as you hold the NFT of the champion team, you will share the super prize pool accumulated by the minting of all team NFTs.

Individual prize for team NFT

A bitcoin price (random range 13000-18000) will be randomly generated on the minted team NFT, and the prize on the team NFT closest to the actual price on Binance at 22:00(Close Price) on December 18, 2022 (Qatar local time) will win the individual prize. For example, if the final bitcoin price is 16521, and the team NFT bitcoin price you minted is exactly 16521, then you will get the individual prize. If multiple users guess the price correctly, the multiple users will share the individual prize pool equally. If the winning bitcoin price is 16521 and no user has guessed 16521, the user who is closest to 16521 will be selected as the winner. If the winning price of bitcoin is 16521, user A’s guessing price is 16520, and user B’s guessing price is 16522, both of which are 1 difference from the actual winning price. In this case, users A and B share the individual prize pool equally.

With the gradual announcement of the game results, the championship team, and the clarity of the bitcoin price, the minting fee of the team NFT will gradually increase, and the value of the team NFT that you mint and hold early will become higher, and higher. It becomes more and more scarce until the final champion team is the team NFT held in your hands, and the final bitcoin price is the number on the team NFT, then congratulations, you and your team will have won big time!

ABCMETA will record this moment for you forever!

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