What exactly is Amzdoge web3.0? Who has stake in Web 3.0 companies?

December 09 23:45 2022

With the popularity of the metaverse concept last year, Web3.0 has also become the hottest new term this year.

From top-level VCs to small entrepreneurs in the currency circle, they are all talking about the topic of Web3.0. What is Web3.0? With World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners. Li, the concepts of “semantic web” and “global brain” proposed by Web3.0 in 1998 are different. Today’s popular Web3.0 has more significance, representing the next Internet era.Among them, this concept has attracted the most attention in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Panorama via The Block Research, including analysis of Web3.0. These verticals are (1) Trading/Brokerage, (2) Infrastructure, (3) Crypto Financial Services, (4) Data & Analytics, (5) NFT/Gaming.

Trading/brokerage firms dominate the space

32% of Web 3.0 businesses are in the trading/brokerage industry. This is mainly due to the popularity of exchanges (Gemini, Coinbase, Bitpanda, etc.) on the cryptocurrency trading market.

They are followed by vertical crypto financial services, which account for 28% of Web 3.0 companies. These companies raised an average of $580 million in total capital, $180 million more than the overall average for Web3.0 companies.

As one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Coinbase’s model is somewhat like that of a traditional financial services company: it makes money through its role as a broker and exchange, and also acts as a part of a “bank”.


From a project PPT drafted in a small San Francisco apartment in 2012 to a NASDAQ listing in 2021, the company, founded ten years ago, surged past $110 billion in market value as soon as it went public.

The public knows more about NFTs than Coinbase. As the NFT project is in full swing, OpenSea, which was established only 4 years ago, has become a household name on the global NFT trading platform, controlling at least 95% of the NFT market.

While the investment community and entrepreneurs are still passionately discussing the topic of Web 3.0, AmzDoge, which has gained fame in the United States, suddenly came out of the circle.

This Web3.0 application of AmzDoge is an AI platform launched in the United States in February this year, which can “earn dollars” through “arbitrage strategies” and is therefore called “Magic Dog”.


The arbitrage model of making money has made it a new star in the Web3.0 world. Since the launch of the platform, AmzDoge has grown beyond many people’s expectation. Currently, it has more than 2 million monthly active users worldwide, with tens of thousands of new users joining every day.

No matter which era, as long as there are new changes in technology, there is the possibility of the birth of new giants, not to mention that Web3.0 has just begun.

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