Use LetPot LPH-MAX For Smart Hydroponic Gardening

December 09 23:48 2022

“LetPot LPH-MAX is a certified 4-in-1 automated smart hydroponic garden specially created for idle gardening. In this system, you can easily plant 21 varieties of seeds in planting pods. You can either do this gardening indoors or outdoors. It has auto-adding nutrients and watering features that can effectively adapt to your small garden needs.” 

This tool can plant more than 1000 varieties of plants without worrying about maintenance and enjoy varieties of fruits, vegetables, flowers, or herbs each year. 

A traditionally growing system of plants is quite slower, whereas LPH-Max can grow the plants 40% faster. This product can save almost 80% of the water and enough space for growing plants.   

About LetPot

“If you are looking for eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, and equally advanced in technological components, the brand LetPot brings practical and easy-to-use products for every gardener. 

It makes gardening easy for a beginner to an advanced-level cultivator. When using the product, it is recommended to use a sensor and tech self-watering to save time and improve your gardening experience.”  

Hydroponic Gardening

Undoubtedly, hydroponics is an amazing gardening technique that offers huge benefits for those who love gardening as their hobby. It’s the best tool for those who stay in a small apartment and don’t have enough space to have an outdoor garden to grow plants.

This hydroponic gardening tool is an environmentally friendly option and people don’t need to worry about adding too much water, soil, fertilizer, etc. The LPH-Max has a storage option to store liquid nutrients in the liquid storage tank separately. It is also connected to the external water tank, where the tool can automatically get water when it’s required. 

It uses less water, so the water doesn’t need to walk through the soil to get to the roots. 

One of the hardest, most time-consuming, and frustrating parts of gardening is cleaning the garden and pulling out unnecessary weeds. With the latest invention of the smart LPH-Max hydroponic gardening system, the clients can forget about plants weeds, pests, and diseases.

Essential Needs For LetPot LPH Max

–  It needs to have access to fresh water to balance out the plant’s pH level. Most plants require a pH level of around 6 to 6.5. It can be adjusted with some easy solutions found at any local garden shop, hardware, or hydroponic store.

–  Even though it doesn’t need soil for growing, it still needs a little something to hold the plant’s roots. It is recommended to use peat moss, vermiculite, coconut fiber, perlite, and Rockwool.

–  Nutrients are a must thing everyone should be aware of plant needs for healthy growth. These plants need magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and other nutrients. For that, LePot recommend clients prepare nutrient solutions at home, or, buy mixtures from any local or online store. 

Features of LetPot LPH-Max

–  The auto-adding nutrients feature one of the top-notch things ever used in the hydroponic gardening system.

–  A normal smart planter will have an auto-adding water feature, but the automatic water cycle is the best thing about the product. The unused and dirty water will automatically recycle and refill.

–  Proper lighting is a must for growing healthy plants, but sunlight can be hard to get in winter. The LPH-Max has a 9-level automatic LED system, but each plant requires different lighting, so it needs to adjust the lighting.

–  The most amazing bright side of LPH-Max is that there are 21 planting pods. It can plant up to 1000 varieties of plants or one single variety of plants in the pods. So, feel free to decide and explore planting choices.

–  When it comes to the product, “it’s always smart & legit!” The app has a remote control feature and a 4.6-inch LCD touchpad which is flexible for anyone to operate easily. It has a water and nutrient reminder, so anyone will easily know when the plant needs maintenance.


Indoor hydroponic gardening will be a success if anyone chooses the correct hydroponic system and understands its methods. 

LPH-MAX has successfully raised $37,390 on INDIEGOGO and got the support of 129 backers. All have been issued and officially sold

The special thing about LetPot policy is people can have their product delivered fast, and it’ll be packaged with proper instructions so that anyone can easily assemble the machine. 

Any advanced gardener that knows about working with a hydroponic gardening system can easily go with the LetPot LPH-Max. As for beginners, don’t need to worry! The instructions and procedure are perfectly specified, and anyone can handle the machine without breaking a sweat. 

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