B Merry Studio Carries the Largest Selection of Vintage Fossilized Bone Handle Knives

March 06 09:21 2023
B Merry Studio flaunts the largest selection of vintage fossilized bone handle knives, including straight knives, pocket knives, fillet knives, folding knives, and Ulu knives.

B Merry Studio is known as the provider of the best custom-made Alaskan knives and Alaska’s premier antler and bone sculpture carvers. The Founder, Bob Merry, as a young boy developed a passion for the outdoors and a great appreciation for all North American wildlife. Bob and his family have been perfecting the art of hand-carving wildlife from various North American natural materials for the past 30 years. Antlers, horns, and fossilized bone fragments from extinct species are collected when traveling through the Arctic. The B Merry family chooses the medium and level of quality required for each product in the studio, which includes knives, carvings, pendants, and chopping boards.

The spokesperson of B Merry Studio in an interview said, “Each fall, we go to the Arctic to collect the materials, which include Moose antler, Mammoth Bone, Caribou antler, Walrus bone, Musk Ox bone, Ivory, Dall Sheep Horn, and North American wood species, for our handle products. Each year after our Ungulate allies shed them, we are fortunate to be able to work with and use these organic, natural materials, some of which are even fossilized. We use both natural antlers (brown with the bark still on) and polished antlers (white with the bark removed) to create our knife handles, sculptures, and pendants.”

B Merry Studio is perfect for those who wish to order knives with bone handles, as it specializes in old vintage fossilized Mammoth bone and Mammoth Ivory handled knives. Owning these exquisite and exclusive knives made of incredibly preserved organic materials gives a sense of pride. These hunting and survival tools, ideal for outdoor use, come with stainless steel and Damascus steel blade options. The high-quality AUS8 grade stainless steel blade remains sharp for a long period and can be easily honed when needed.

Talking about the bone handle knives, the spokesperson added, “We make high-quality usable straight knives, Ulu knives, pocket Ulu knives, and folding knives with AUS8 steel, 440 steel, and Damascus. We allow the buyer, looking to get bone handle knife, to customize their order by combining their favorite bone handle with the desired blade. We welcome all to check out our hunting and survival knife models on our website and be mesmerized by our top selection and quality. The B Merry products are available in selected Alaskan retail locations and online.”

Bob Merry and his team are the largest suppliers of natural handle Ulu knives in the State of Alaska, as well as the World. The Ulu is the iconic native utility knife made in over 30 different styles. Since the 1990s, B Merry Studio has been manufacturing these knives in Alaska to communicate the significance and usefulness of these unique one-handed knives. They can be used for various tasks, including chopping, cutting, skinning, and slicing.

About B Merry Studio:

B Merry Studio has a reputation for manufacturing and supplying hunting and survival knives made of quality blades and bone handles made of antlers, horns, and bones. All handle materials are sourced from the Arctic each fall. So those on the lookout for an Alaska knife online that is 100% sustainable and Made in the USA can contact the B Merry Studio.

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