Popular Boxing Gear Brand, HIT N MOVE®, Endorsed by Actor and Martial Artist, Frank Grillo

March 07 19:24 2023
Frank Grillo Shares His Opinion About HIT N MOVE® Products Aimed to Make Boxing Safer

March 7, 2023 – American Actor and Martial Artist Frank Grillo shares a video testimonial about boxing gear company HIT N MOVE®. With its mission being ‘Boxing Deserves Better,’ the company prides itself on developing safe products for fighters with innovative DR-T technology. 

In his testimonial, Grillo details why the Pro Balance Boxing Gloves are his first choice in boxing gloves compared to other brands. 

These gloves use the same premium materials as the company’s ALL DAY® Agility boxing gloves. They are both reinforced with DR-T (Dart) Technology for increased comfort, and the gloves simultaneously support a cause and your hands. Each pair of gloves comes in 14oz or 16oz sizes and have a velcro or lace-up option.

DR-T padding is created with the science of ergonomics in mind to provide athletes with acceleration, feedback, and protection. Research shows that force is generated from the feet and hip and transferred through the core, shoulders, arms, and finally to the target through the boxing glove. 

Within this kinetic chain, the perfect punch requires a perfect glove that is ergonomically built for the speed, impact, and security of the knuckles without bulking up the glove with too much padding like other protective gloves on the market. DR-T padding consists of microlayers that make the glove small, comfortable, protective, and durable. 

“We are bringing protection and comfort into a very compact puncher’s glove,” says Ozzie Akcakaya, Founder and CEO of HIT N MOVE®. 

This integrated glove technology makes HIT N MOVE’s Training Boxing Gloves the most comfortable and durable training gloves in the market, driving stars like Frank Grillo and coaches like Calvin Ford towards the brand.

Join the HIT N MOVE® community in supporting Ukraine. All profits for this limited edition ‘I Stand for Ukraine’ boxing glove will be donated to Hope & Homes for Children in Ukraine.

About The Founders of HIT N MOVE®

Ozzie Akcakaya is an internationally certified personal trainer and the CEO and Founder of HITNMOVE®, an innovative and revolutionary sporting goods and equipment company with deep expertise in the needs of boxing. While having a successful sales management career in the pharmaceutical industry, his passion for developing sporting goods led him to find HITNMOVE®. Ozzie started HIT N MOVE® with one question; how do we offer products that bring the most realistic experience without developing bad habits? With his medical knowledge in orthopedics and anatomy, coupled with his by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) Level 4 certifications, he started HIT N MOVE® to provide innovative sporting goods and equipment which enhance the training experience for athletes so they can train ALL DAY®. Akcakaya earned his BS from Anadolu University and completed the business honors program in business and management at Leeds Beckett University. 

Alaina Akcakaya is the Vice President of Public Relations for HITNMOVE®, an innovative and revolutionary sporting goods and equipment company with deep expertise in the needs of boxing. Alaina has a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Elmhurst University and a successful career in the consulting industry. Using her ergonomic background, Alaina enjoyed designing and perfecting the HIT N MOVE® organizational culture. As a post-collegiate athlete, she understood the desire to perfect a skill without developing bad habits. She is passionate about the athlete’s experience with HIT N MOVE® products and believes in the importance of user engagement and public relations as HIT N MOVE® is becoming a worldwide brand.

Video testimonial is available to share upon request. 

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