A Soul-Stirring And Powerful Tribute In Remembrance Of An Icon – John Arthur Foster Unveils New Single ‘For Eileen’

March 19 13:06 2023
A Soul-Stirring And Powerful Tribute In Remembrance Of An Icon - John Arthur Foster Unveils New Single ‘For Eileen’
Completed 48 years later, ‘For Eileen’ marks John Arthur Foster’s beautiful efforts, immortalizing Eileen LaGrange as someone who is to be remembered and loved

A poetic, soulful, and moving picture of life painted through classical Pop, John Arthur Foster inspires with his new single, “For Eileen.” Having been released under the Bentley Records label on February 15th, 2023, the new record has a compelling story behind it.

In the early 70s, the artist played several original songs in front of classically trained pianist Eileen LaGrange, who offered to become his musical director. Driven by a passion for playing original pop songs, Eileen was the only female conductor on Broadway (‘The King and I’) in 1977.

In 1974, the artist went to her apartment for a session and sang a new song, Acapella, called “We Got Nothing to Say.” After hearing his sample, Eileen remarked, “Rachmaninov” and instantly played a perfect accompaniment. Both contemporaries recorded that session on a little cassette deck.

Fast forward to 2004, John Arthur Foster began searching for the artist, to ask her to record that very track for him, only to discover that she had passed away in 2004. Motivated to preserve her memory and pay testament to her brilliance, the talented artist played the recording for recording engineer- Jim McGee and decided to record what became ”For Eileen“. It begins with that scratchy cassette recording and after the first verse transitions to a modern day song…”48 years later “.

“I work alone, writing and recording, and producing songs in different genres. My goal is to get a hit and recognition as an accomplished songwriter,” says the artist.

Visit John Arthur Foster’s official website and listen, buy, stream, and download his music through any of your favorite music platforms! The artist remains hopeful that his words inspire, uplift, and enlighten all those who experience his craft.


John Arthur Foster’s passion for music started at an early age when he became a paid professional singer at the age of 7. The eclectic artist quickly became a sought-after guest performer for local clubs and organizations in Central New York, and by the age of 12, was the frontman of a local rock band, marking the start of a 14-year successful relationship with his agent, James Pantas.

In 1974, John moved to New York City to pursue a career on stage, forming a duo known as Ivory Tower and playing the nightclub circuit. This eventually led to him becoming the MC, Host, and Entertainment Coordinator for a popular nightclub in the village called Kelly’s Village West, which was filled five nights a week. His success at the club earned him an audition for a National Broadway Tour, where he played a belligerent 18-year-old rock star in The National Lampoon Show, touring most of the US and Canada for six months.

Despite his success as a performer, John’s love for writing and composing songs never faded. In 1973, he began seriously composing songs, and to this day, he remains passionate about singing whenever possible. His love affair with writing songs will never end, and he hopes to inspire others through his craft.


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