New Children’s Adventure Book by HBCU Alumnus Brandon Monroe Encourages Kids to Rediscover the Joy of Nature

September 16 00:28 2023
Kyndal’s First Day Of School by Brandon Monroe is now available on Amazon.

Celebrated children’s book author and proud Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) alumnus Brandon Monroe has released his latest masterpiece, “Kyndal’s First Day Of School,” which is now available on Amazon. Drawing from his rich background of exploration and adventure, Monroe crafts a tale that invites young readers to step into a world of wonder, encouraging them to forge unexpected friendships and find joy in the natural world.

In this enchanting narrative, readers follow the young and brave Kyndal as she navigates an extraordinary first day of school, filled with whimsical experiences and a magical connection with a flock of peacocks. The story, suitable for children (3 – 10 years), is a gentle nudge encouraging them to open their hearts to the beauty surrounding them, fostering empathy, bravery, and the spirit of friendship.

Monroe, a native of the picturesque Delray Beach, Florida, and now a resident of the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, has a history steeped in adventure through his personal explorations and his day job as an Insurance Adjuster. His career has facilitated a journey across the United States, allowing him to witness the nation’s most breathtaking sights and experiences that have deeply influenced his storytelling.

The author’s love for the outdoors, nurtured in the serene beaches of Florida and during his travels to the mystical jungles of Central and South America, breathes life into his narratives. Monroe’s adventures, often accompanied by his extended family, add a warm, familial touch to his tales, making them not just stories but experiences that are relatable and heartwarming.

“Kyndal’s First Day Of School” stands as a doorway to a world of limitless wonder and boundless imagination, encouraging young readers to nurture their curiosity and find their own adventures in the great outdoors. The book serves as a reminder of the joy and beauty that nature and unexpected friendships can bring into our lives.

Monroe, an enthusiast of all things outdoors, actively engages in nature through various activities, including electric mountain biking, navigating dirt trails on ATVs, and enjoying the tranquility of boating on calm waters. His vibrant storytelling, inspired by his adventures, encourages children to look beyond the screens and rediscover the joy of being outdoors.

“We hope that through Kyndal’s story, young readers are inspired to forge their path, finding friendship and adventure in the most unexpected places,” Monroe shares.

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Kyndal’s First Day Of School by Brandon Monroe is now available for sale on Amazon

About the Author:

Brandon Monroe is a cherished children’s adventure book author and a proud Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) alumnus. With a deep-seated passion for exploration and nature, Brandon crafts tales that are doorways to worlds of wonder, encouraging young readers to nurture their curiosity and embark on adventures of their own. His stories are a celebration of family, nature, and the boundless beauty of the world, inviting young readers to a voyage of discovery through vibrant storytelling.

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