Delivering Unique Jazz, Chill-Hop, and R&B Fusions – Eric Thomas Stuns with New EP “The Living Room Sessions”

November 21 14:06 2023
Delivering Unique Jazz, Chill-Hop, and R&B Fusions - Eric Thomas Stuns with New EP "The Living Room Sessions"
A genre-defying sensation, Eric Thomas is a world-class saxophonist and producer

A driven and talented Miami-born saxophonist, Eric Thomas has captivated audiences with his scintillating fusion of Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk, since the release of his debut album, “Take It Easy,” in 2011. Eric is proud to share his new EP, “The Living Room Sessions,” a collection of tracks inspired by the solitude of isolation.

The EP’s journey began with two captivating singles. “Love Let Me Be,” was released on September 8, 2023. The single introduces audiences to the emotional and sonorous tapestry that Eric Thomas masterfully weaves. The second single, “Highlight,” is another musical gem that has been making waves in the industry. This single embodies the essence of chillhop jazz fusion, a testament to Eric’s innovative approach to music.

With the release of “The Living Room Sessions”, Eric Thomas invites music enthusiasts to embark on a genre-defying journey. Stream Eric Thomas’ new record, “The Living Room Sessions” on the artist’s official music streaming platforms. Follow the artist’s journey on social media to stay up to date with new releases!


Eric Thomas’s musical journey is deeply rooted in personal growth and an ever-expanding range of influences, from legends such as Sonny Rollins to contemporary trailblazers like A Tribe Called Quest.

As a resident musician, Eric Thomas continues to grace the Starling Hotel with his evocative melodies, enchanting audiences with his genre-bending style. Beyond his regular performances, he has left a mark on Atlanta’s vibrant music scene by taking center stage at the Club Hertz Stage at the renowned Alliance Theater.

Eric Thomas’s passion for music extends beyond the stage and recording studio. The eclectic artist has harnessed his solitude during these unprecedented times to create “The Living Room Sessions,” a reflection of his unyielding dedication to his artistry and expression. Collaborating with a dedicated team, Eric weaves a rich tapestry of musical experiences, each track proof of his relentless exploration of music’s boundless possibilities.







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