BAK Battery’s 21700-5.5Ah High-Capacity Battery Cells Enter Mass Production

December 11 21:39 2023

Recently, BAK Battery announced the mass production of its 21700-5.5Ah high-capacity battery cells, once again achieving a breakthrough in capacity and leading the industry in application advancement.

Continuing to Stay Ahead, Setting New Records for Chinese-made 21700 Battery Cell Production Capacity

In the past two years, 21700 battery cells have gained widespread use in the small power market due to their higher energy density and overall cost advantages compared to traditional 18650 cells. This is especially evident in applications such as two-wheeled transportation, smart homes, power tools, consumer electronics, and portable energy storage. The capacity of 21700 battery cells has continuously broken through as their application scope expands. Currently, the highest production capacity available in the market is 21700-5.3Ah. The mass production of BAK Battery’s 21700-5.5Ah battery cell represents a refreshing of the highest production capacity for Chinese-made 21700 cells.

In the research and production of 21700 battery cells, BAK Battery has consistently maintained an advanced layout and technological leadership. They continuously break through the capacity ceiling of 21700 battery cells, successively releasing and mass-producing 21700-5.0Ah and 21700-5.3Ah battery cell products. Through continuous innovative R&D in the four key materials and structural design of the anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte, BAK’s 21700 cylindrical battery performance has always been at the forefront of the industry. It possesses six major features: high energy density, long cycle life, high-rate capability, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability, and high safety.

Deep Cultivation in High-Nickel Cylindrical Batteries, Continuous Two-Way Innovation in Material and Structure

In the innovation of lithium batteries, there are two main categories: innovation in material systems and innovation in structural processes. With years of deep cultivation in the high-nickel cylindrical lithium battery track, BAK Battery’s continuous breakthroughs in materials and structure are the core drivers behind the ongoing improvement of its product performance.

In terms of materials, BAK Battery’s 21700-5.5Ah battery cell adopts a high nickel + silicon cathode system, with a nickel content as high as 90%. The cathode material uses high-first-effect silicon, achieving a match in the efficiency of the anode and cathode. This enhances cost-effectiveness and allows for a wide temperature range discharge from -20℃ to +70℃. It meets the normal usage requirements in extreme environments. Moreover, the 21700-5.5Ah battery cell has undergone rigorous performance tests such as overcharging, over discharging, short circuits, drops, heating, vibration, and compression, thus ensuring high safety and reliability. Coupled with a long-life cycle of 1000 full charge-discharge cycles and 600 fast charge cycles, it is suitable for various high-capacity demand scenarios, further enhancing market applications and end-user experiences.

Securing a Firm Position in the Cylindrical Battery Market, BAK’s Small Power Products Highly Praised

With years of in-depth R&D innovation, BAK Battery has established a comprehensive matrix of small power cylindrical battery products. These batteries can be adapted for various applications in professional and industrial tools, high-speed electric motorcycles, high-power vacuum cleaners, AGVs, portable energy storage, robotic vacuum cleaners, and more. BAK Battery has firmly established its presence in the cylindrical battery market.

With electric and intelligent terminal devices permeating every corner of production and daily life, BAK Battery’s 21700-5.5Ah high-capacity battery cell is bound to elevate the end-user experience across various application scenarios. Additionally, BAK Battery has taken a forward-looking approach by planning for higher-capacity battery cells such as the 21700-5.8Ah and 21700-6.0Ah. Through continuous material innovation and structural breakthroughs, these efforts aim to push the performance ceiling of Chinese-made small power lithium batteries to new heights.

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