World’s Most Advanced Biometric Protected, 4th Gen AI Enhanced Credit Card; Clearing Final Steps for Imminent Commercial Marketing Launch: SmartMetric, Inc. (Stock Symbol: SMME)

December 11 22:18 2023

– Biometric Fingerprint Scanning for Credit and debit Card Fraud Protection.

– Technological Leader in the Biometric Fingerprint Activated Credit Card Industry.

– Design Patents to Block Any Other Biometric Fingerprint-activated Cards in the United States.

– The Only Biometric Credit Card That Can Be Used in ALL Card Readers.

– Working with One of the World’s Largest Credit Card Network Brands.

– Latest Card Version Achieved 1/3 Battery Size Reduction. 

– Final Steps Being Completed to Allow Long-Awaited Commercial Launch. 

– New US Patents Recently Issued to Prevent Copy-Cat Versions.  

– Fourth-Generation Card to Be Shipped and Available for Presentation to Card Networks and Banks in the Near Term. 

– Biometric Credit and Debit Card with Inbuilt Fingerprint Recognition Secure Activation to Release Both Plastic and Metal Versions.

– In Device Embedded AI With Intermittent Remote AI Interfacing Will Bring a Massive Leap in Data Security.

– Engineers Working to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into New Versions. 

– Visa2 and MasterCard2 have Adopted the Use of Biometric Credit Cards. 

SmartMetric (OTC: SMME) is the creator of an advanced Biometric payment card technology that addresses the multibillion existing chip-based credit and debit card market. Figures published by EMVCo reveal that by year-end of 2020, 10.8 billion EMV® chip cards have been issued by financial institutions and were in global circulation – a massive increase of nearly 1 billion credit and debit EMV® cards compared to the previous twelve months.

After the cardholder’s fingerprint is stored inside the SMME card, all the user needs to do is touch the fingerprint sensor on the surface. In less time than it takes to reach across to insert the card into a credit or debit card reader, the card has scanned the user’s fingerprint and matched it with the pre-stored fingerprint inside the card. On a successful match, the card is turned on so that it can perform a card transaction.

The ease of use of the SMME biometric card, along with the fact that it is powered by the SMME internal green battery prior to the card being inserted into a reader to power the internal processor doing the fingerprint scan, means the SMME card is the only card that can work across all card reader types and situations. Biometric cards that do not have an internal independent power supply are very limited in where such cards can be used. A big advantage for both credit card users, as well as banks in fighting card fraud, is the fact that the SMME biometric card can not be activated if someone else is trying to use the card.

The SMME biometric card addresses the multibillion existing chip-based credit and debit card market. Figures published by EMVCo reveal that by the end of 2020, 10.8 billion EMV chip cards had been issued by financial institutions and were in global circulation – a massive increase of nearly 1 billion credit and debit EMV® cards compared to the previous twelve months.

According to a recently released report titled The 2023 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, in May 2023, U.S. consumers made most of their payments with debit cards, credit cards, and cash. With Credit Cards retaining the top level as the preferred consumer payment method.

SMME Biometric Card Has Passed All Internal Product Testing of Its GEN4 Fingerprint Activated Credit Card

On December 7th SMME announced, with the imminent release of its ground-breaking, industry-leading, fully self-powered GEN4 fingerprint-activated credit card, the product has passed all internal electronic and software testing. This includes the card’s own internal system operating system and advanced sub micro power management system.

“In order to have a robust product we have had to subject it to the most diligent and exhaustive in-house testing,” said SMME President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

Imminent Release of SMME Biometric Fingerprint Activated Credit Card Will Provide Massive Increased Protection for Card Users and Card Issuing Banks

On December 6th SMME announced its Gen 4 Biometric Fingerprint Card has been developed to meet the specific demand of the credit card industry and credit card users for enhanced credit card security. The card has an in-the-card nano fingerprint scanner that is used to recognize the card holder’s fingerprint and if a fingerprint matches, instantly turn on the card.

The mass market version of the SMME Gen 4 biometric credit card is now under manufacture following the successful testing of the card’s internal operating system on the new card platform. 

SMME Biometric Technology Receives Issued Patents by the United States Patent Office (USPTO)

On November 13th SMME announced the United States Patent Office has recently issued patents that provide protection against those who decide they would like to copy the amazing advanced biometric credit card with a fingerprint sensor built into the card.

These recently issued patents disallow others from making biometric credit cards that have a fingerprint sensor on the card.  “A massive market for an incredible next-generation credit card,” said SMME President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

Over 300 million credit cards have been issued in the United States. Consumer research reveals that up to 70% of existing credit card holders are willing to pay for a biometric-secured credit card. The SMME biometric credit card has taken years to develop and its Gen4 product designed for credit card issuing banks, is now in production. 

Fourth-Generation Cards to Be Shipped and Available for Presentation to Card Networks and Banks

On October 25th SMME announced that its fourth-generation card is nearing completion which will allow the company to start its sales and marketing in the United States. Having developed earlier versions of its fingerprint-activated biometric credit card, SMME had to make changes based on requests from within the credit card industry along with component changes that came about from the supply issues during the pandemic.

“Our main engineering team is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and we chose not to have our operating system and key functional software for our card transferred to the electronics assembler in China but rather retain control and security over our software by having it kept in the hands of our Israel-based engineering team. The current situation in Israel has been very difficult for our engineers who have been called up while others have had to deal with family members who have been called up and sent away from their homes. This has disrupted our final process of installing our system software into our product. Nonetheless, under extreme circumstances we are moving forward and expect to have our most advanced biometric credit card completed for presentation to the credit card issuing industry in short order,” said the President and CEO of SMME.

SmartMetric Biometric Credit and Debit Card with Inbuilt Fingerprint Recognition Secure Activation to Release Both Plastic and Metal Versions

On October 16th SMME announced it is nearly ready to ship its advanced fingerprint-activated credit and debit cards to the credit card industry.

The SMME metal biometric card is the only one of its kind in the world that has embedded inside the metal the fingerprint scanner electronics at an extraordinary level of miniaturization and component slim height.

Creating a metal biometric credit card best fits the needs of the premium credit card market making it an attractive product for the high-end credit card consumer who has become used to thinking of metal credit cards as a premium card product they are happy to have in their wallets.

“As with all new technology products, SmartMetric believes that the top end of the market will be the first large-scale adopters and therefore having our biometric card in metal makes sense for addressing this market,” said SMME CEO Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric Fingerprint Activated Biometric Card Nears Shipping

On October 5th SMME announced that it is soon to ship its completed advanced biometric fingerprint-activated credit card. This is after extreme delays brought on by Covid-related component delays.

“We are excited to be nearing the release finally of our advanced premium biometric fingerprint-activated credit card after years of development and overcoming extreme component supply difficulties,” said SMME President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

Interfacing of In-Device Embedded AI With Intermittent Remote AI Interfacing Will Bring a Massive Leap in Data Security 

On June 29th SMME announced that embedding AI (artificial intelligence) in hardware that then interfaces with powerful remote AI systems will allow for a massive increase in device security.

The advantage of AI as an embedded-in device, hardware-based security is that it provides a greater level of security than a remote centralized processor. A central computer or even a smartphone that is always connected to a network wirelessly provides many opportunity points for malicious intrusion. A device such as a credit card that is not connected all the time to a network is without question far more secure. 

AI in device and centralized computing allows for a staggering increase in variable analysis and algorithmic computations that will be able to be used for instance to detect malicious data capture attempts while at the same time providing a massively enhanced level of encryption. Especially if this encryption is paired with on-device AI-enhanced encryption with payments processing AI-enhanced remote systems.

“Looking into the future, we are going to see amazing gains in data security. We will see almost unthinkable advances in particular when we marry AI with Quantum computing. The marriage of advanced software with advanced computing is going to change the world of data in more ‘good’ ways then we can imagine,” said SMME CEO Chaya Hendrick.

SMME Biometric Credit Card to Add Next-Generation Biometric Security to the Multi-Billion Unit Credit and Debit Card Market

On June 27th SMME announced that Visa, Mastercard and other payment networks are reported to now have more than 6.7 billion credit cards issued worldwide. The following is the breakdown of cards in circulation per network brand. Visa 3.94B, Mastercard 2.58B, American Express 122M, JCB 144M, Diners Club 66M.1

EMVco, the international card standards organization governing EMV payments chips used in today’s credit and debit card report more than 11 billion cards with EMV chips have been issued worldwide.

The SMME biometric fingerprint recognition technology built inside of the credit and debit card uses embedded biometric technology to positively recognize the card holder and turn on the cards EMV contact and contactless payments chip.

As of November 2022, with 3.94 billion credit cards in circulation, Visa has more cards in circulation than all the other major credit card brand networks combined.

SMME sees the adoption of biometric credit cards being driven primarily by card users. Apart from the majority of card users saying they would prefer to use a biometric credit card, the driving motive for consumers is the added security perceived when using biometric secured cards. Banks and payments processors also benefit tremendously when biometric credit and debit cards are used as they can be configured to message the payments networks that a biometric card is being used that has positively identified the legitimate card user at the point of the card being used in a card transaction.

Adoption of Biometric Credit Cards by Both Visa and MasterCard

On June 22nd SMME  that both Visa2 and MasterCard2 have adopted the use of biometric credit cards with advanced features over their respective payment networks.

As with any new disruptive technology, SMME sees that in the first instance there will be a steady adoption take up and then we will see a dramatic S-curve adoption of biometric cards as banks and consumers alike are drawn to the advanced security of credit cards that have inbuilt biometrics.

SMME leads the world in biometric credit card technology in having developed a biometric credit card that has an internal rechargeable battery that is used to power the fingerprint scanning of the card user, independent of card reading terminals and ATMs. This allows the SMME biometric card to be used “anywhere and anytime” a cardholder wants to use their new biometric card.

Other less advanced cards have begun trials in Europe that are not self-powered. This is a huge disadvantage vs. the SMME card as a non-powered biometric card will not work at a lot of gas stations, ATMs, and restaurants that process the credit card charging away from the table.

The advanced SMME biometric card has many other features, not least its hardware-based detection of a live finger. This provides the SMME card with added security against fake fingerprint replicas, making the SMME biometric card the most secure card developed.

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