Tracey Pennywell and George Lynch’s Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom is a Blueprint for Building an Entrepreneurial Empire

February 12 16:10 2024
Tracey Pennywell and George Lynch's Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom is a Blueprint for Building an Entrepreneurial Empire
Tracey Pennywell and George Lynch’s Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom is a Blueprint for Building an Entrepreneurial Empire
From side hustles to savvy investments, ‘Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom’ equips you with the tools and tactics to turn your financial dreams into reality.

Tracey Pennywell and George Lynch are pleased to announce the release of their new book Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom. This book is more than a guide to achieving success—it’s a blueprint for building an entrepreneurial empire with determination.

This comprehensive guide transcends typical wealth creation narratives, focusing on the art of strategic hustling, bold leadership, and crafting a legacy with courage. It teaches how to identify lucrative opportunities suited to your abilities and maintain momentum in building generational wealth.

In Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom, readers will explore effective marketing tactics, emphasizing the importance of a strong digital presence, mastering email marketing, and launching side hustles that contribute to their wealth. It provides innovative strategies for increasing income and encourages a revolutionary approach to earning more. Consider this book a manual for financial independence, urging you to invest in yourself consistently and with commitment.

It’s a call to bet on yourself, starting early and persistently, transforming your financial life, focusing on saving, investing, and managing money wisely. For those starting from basic financial literacy and aiming for a life of abundance, this book is an invaluable resource. It’s about flipping your money narrative, moving from just knowing about money to living large and in charge. It’s the ultimate playbook for a total money glow-up, teaching you how to save smart, invest like a pro, and manage your finances with expertise.

About the Authors:

Tracey Pennywell is a dynamic professional speaker, entrepreneur, author & CEO. As co-founder of the non-profit HBCU Heroes alongside NBA veteran George Lynch, Pennywell passionately delivers diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) talks, strategies, and insights to aid global corporations in recruiting top-tier talent. As CEO & Founder of the Secure the Bag Tour, Pennywell is also the mastermind behind this annual multi-year outlet that focuses on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, building generational wealth and securing your dream job in corporate America. Her work in this space connects Fortune 500 companies with highly employable diverse candidates as well as providing workshops & essential programming for participants nationwide to secure successful futures.

George Lynch, NBA veteran and NCAA Champion, is the co-founder of HBCU HEROES, embodying a multifaceted career that seamlessly blends sports and education. With a 12-year tenure in the NBA, Lynch’s defensive prowess and scoring finesse earned him acclaim, notably becoming the first rookie since Magic Johnson to notch 30 points in a game. His NBA journey spanned across the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and more, solidifying his legacy on the court. Transitioning from player to mentor and businessman, Lynch is currently a senior business developer. A proud UNC-Chapel Hill Alum, Lynch’s commitment to excellence resonates through his tireless efforts in shaping both athletic and personal development pathways for aspiring athletes.

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Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom is available for purchase on Amazon – and other online retailers.

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