BRI drives strong Africa-China relations, Ghanaian expert says

February 26 09:21 2024
The strong and growing Africa-China relations could be partly attributed to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a Ghanaian expert has said.

Belt and Road Initiative

ACCRA – Feb 26, 2024 – The strong and growing Africa-China relations could be partly attributed to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a Ghanaian expert has said.

Paul Frimpong, executive director of the Africa-China Center for Policy and Advisory, a think tank based in Ghana, told Xinhua in a written interview that Africa has been benefiting from the BRI to boost infrastructure development.

The BRI is important for Africa because primary infrastructure bottlenecks in energy, water, sanitation, telecommunications, and transportation, and low access to electricity need to be removed for the continent to achieve its goals of boosting intra-African trade, Frimpong said.

“African infrastructure and economic growth may be unified and expedited due to China’s participation in infrastructure projects on the continent. Multiple countries across the continent have benefited tremendously from these relations with China,” he said.

“BRI is already helping Africa to improve infrastructure to make it easier to conduct more intraregional and international trade, lower business costs, increase Africa’s domestic and international competitiveness, and thereby experience economic success and sustained growth,” Frimpong added.

Frimpong said the interconnectivity on the continent provided by Chinese-built projects aligns with Africa’s ambitions for the next 50 years, including achieving inclusive social and economic growth by ending poverty, inequalities of income and opportunity, and creating decent jobs, among others.

Besides the economic cooperation, he said, China and African countries are connected by their shared desire to advance the South-South agenda.

“Countries of the Global South broadly applaud China’s resolve to forge partnerships based on equality and respect and its commitment to refraining from meddling in domestic issues,” Frimpong added.

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