Christine Matus of The Matus Law Group Announces Insightful Article on Special Needs Trusts in New York

February 26 18:58 2024
Christine Matus of The Matus Law Group Announces Insightful Article on Special Needs Trusts in New York

Special needs trust lawyer Christine Matus of The Matus Law Group has recently unveiled an informative article addressing the intricacies of special needs trusts in New York. This article is a comprehensive guide aimed at aiding families in understanding how a special needs trust can secure the financial future of their loved ones with disabilities.

The new article serves as an invaluable resource for parents and guardians who aim to provide for their child’s needs without compromising their eligibility for essential public benefits like Medicaid. Special needs trust lawyer Christine Matus explains that a special needs trust is not merely a financial tool but a strategic plan to ensure a dignified life for those with special needs.

The Matus Law Group, with over two decades of collective experience, emphasizes the pivotal role of a trustee in managing the funds and maintaining the beneficiary’s qualification for public benefits. Christine Matus states, “A special needs trust is crafted to enrich your child’s life far beyond the scope of basic needs, permitting expenses for medical equipment, personal care, and even life-enriching recreational activities.”

Delineating the legal allowances for special needs trusts, the article by Christine Matus highlights that these funds can be judiciously applied to cover medical expenses that are not catered for by Medicaid, thereby providing flexibility and peace of mind for families. These trusts can address a variety of needs, from adaptive technology to personal growth opportunities.

However, the article also recognizes the complexity inherent in determining what qualifies as a supplemental need. “Navigating the nuances of special needs planning requires a guiding hand,” notes Christine Matus, advocating for the involvement of a knowledgeable attorney in the process.

In discussing the establishment of a special needs trust, the article by the New York special needs trust lawyer provides essential steps, including selecting a beneficiary, appointing a reliable trustee, and identifying a conservator or guardian. Moreover, the article underscores the importance of adequately funding the trust in alignment with New York’s legal framework, a task best undertaken with professional legal support.

The article further advises that funding a special needs trust is a delicate matter, with the trust itself serving as the beneficiary of any funds intended for the child. Christine Matus underscores, “A special needs trust’s goal is not to provide direct benefits but to ensure that all of your child’s needs are met without jeopardizing other benefits they may receive.”

The timing of engaging a special needs trust lawyer is crucial. The Matus Law Group recommends that families seek out a lawyer with a proven track record in special needs planning early in the process. The article concludes with a call to action for families to take the necessary steps today to secure their child’s tomorrow, with Christine Matus and her team ready to assist in this vital planning.

For those who wish to explore the full content of the article and gain deeper insights into the benefits and processes involved in setting up a special needs trust in New York, the information is now accessible.

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