Which Shanghai private school is better? Wellington College International Shanghai may give the answer: Passion, perseverance and finding the perfect university fit

April 21 13:39 2024

The university you choose to attend after Senior School will play a major role in shaping your future career path and life experiences. With so many excellent options to consider, deciding on the best school can feel overwhelming. But if you take some time to think about your priorities and interests, finding a school that fits will come naturally. Here are some key factors pupils and their parents should take into consideration when they embark on their university application journey. 

Identify your skills, talents and interests

The process begins with some honest self-reflection. Ask yourself what excites you and what you are good at. Is there any overlap between the two? For instance, you may be passionate about playing music, but do you have the aptitude or the grit to pursue it as a profession? The answer may be ‘no’. But that is okay. You may not have the performance chops, but perhaps your scores in STEM subjects are outstanding. A career as an audio engineer might be a good fit. Do you love psychology? A career as a music therapist might be for you.  

Knowing where you want to focus your studies early on helps you narrow your options to universities with robust resources for that subject. This is why at Wellington College International Shanghai, Higher Education and Careers team begins working one-on-one with our pupils as early as year 9. They help them to take inventory of their skills, talents and interests and identify potential career paths where their talents can shine.   

Pursue extra-curricular activities and leadership roles

Exam scores, high marks and the drive needed to excel in an area of study are important, but universities also want students who will contribute to the school community with unique talents and perspectives. So, whether it is a sports team, singing, drama, debating, Model UN, This British school Shanghai’s pupil leadership team or one of College committees, find a way to get involved during your time at Wellington. With Wellington College International Shanghai’s comprehensive co-curricular activities programme, you are sure to find a pursuit that piques your interest. You may also want to consider applying to become a Wellington Fellow. Fellows are chosen because they demonstrate a singular focus and a boundless curiosity in academics, sports or the arts. They stretch themselves beyond this Shanghai school’s standard curriculum with research projects, personalised training programmes and one-on-one mentorship and instruction to give them that X factor that great universities look for in applicants.  

Find the right academic environment

A university may have a sterling reputation, but that does not mean it is the right school for you. So, it is important to take a holistic approach when deciding where to apply. For starters, what learning style suits you best? Do you prefer large lectures or smaller seminars? Are you looking for a more research-driven university or something more teaching-focused 

Another important question to consider is specialisation versus flexibility. Most schools in the UK, for example, expect their students to focus exclusively on their declared area of study. This is a great option if you are already confident in the direction you are taking. But maybe you are not yet ready to limit yourself to one discipline. In which case, a US school might be a better fit for you. They tend to offer great flexibility with double majors and minors. They will often allow you to switch tracks altogether.   

Where you learn is just as important as how you learn. An urban campus offers numerous benefits, like easy access to resources, diversity, cultural activities and entertainment and proximity to businesses that may offer internships or even employment. Or you may prefer the seclusion and tightly knit campus community of a rural college. Of course, plenty of universities create their own surrounding communities — college towns. Schools like these can offer the best of both worlds.  

Attend information sessions and open houses

Virtual or in-person tours give invaluable impressions that universities cannot provide through brochures alone. At this Shanghai private school, the University Guidance team facilitates this every year with the annual University Fair. Open to pupils in years 10 through 12, it provides Wellington College International Shanghai’s pupils with direct access to admissions officers at schools from across the globe. Last year, the pupils from this British school Shanghai had the opportunity to talk with representatives from 75 top-ranked schools in more than 20 global destinations. This British school Shanghai will also be sending a group of Wellington pupils to the US this summer for a tour of some of its finest universities, including several Ivy League institutions and other highly respected schools in the Northeast. 

Current university students are another great resource for researching schools. We.Connect, Wellington College International Shanghai newly launched alumni platform, is an excellent place to start. Simply log in to connect with Old Wellingtonians who attend or have graduated from some of the world’s highest ranked universities. They can offer honest insights into campus life, residence and dining hall options, professors, courses and so much more.  

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