Sell Gift Cards from Canada: How to Maximize Profits

May 21 23:06 2024

Online shopping is one of the trends of the digital age that has taken the world by storm. No longer are people restricted to visiting physical retailers to buy products. They can now buy almost anything they want by accessing the internet from the comfort of their homes. Digital transactions to purchase products can be made through a new invention called vouchers or digital gift cards. But why choose gift vouchers over cash to complete transactions?  It’s because vouchers are sought all over the world for their features of convenience, price and accessibility. These features make gift cards more attractive than cash for buying digital items which is why their demand is growing significantly by each passing year.

Next, we will look at the Canadian gift card market and the possibility of trading vouchers  through the online marketplace.

Canadian Gift Card Market Overview

The Canadian people have been becoming more aware in the past years about the importance and usefulness of gift cards which is why the demand for gift cards in Canada has been growing exponentially these past few years. Surprisingly, this demand is expected to grow even further than what it is now. This demand especially surged during covid-19 lockdown and has made gift cards one of the most successful online industries in Canada. The value of the gift card market in Canada in 2023 was worth 46,512.30 million USD. By 2032, this value is expected to reach 101,751.91 million USD at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 9%. The stats speak for themself and should clearly tell how much the demand for gift cards in Canada is.

Popular Ways to Sell Gift Cards in Canada

Selling gift cards through your own physical store

There are two primary methods through which people tend to sell gift cards in Canada. The first way is by opening your own physical gift card kiosk in your local area. By opening your own gift card store, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your local buyers. When running a physical store, you have all the creative freedom of what and how your business should proceed and you can sell gift cards on your own terms. But running a physical store is much harder and inconvenient as compared to running an online business. One of the biggest downsides will be the cost of running the store, including rent. Which will take a large part of the income.

Selling gift cards through an online marketplace

The other major way through which most people sell gift cards is through an online gift card marketplace. A gift card marketplace is an online platform that facilitates gift card buyers and sellers. It allows anyone to create a buyer or seller account according to their needs. When selling gift cards this way, you won’t have to spend time on setting up your business. You can create a seller account in under 5 minutes and start selling your stock of gift cards right away. However, you will have to obey the terms of service of the platform that you are selling from and also pay them a small commission fee on all of your completed orders. online marketplace

If you have opted to sell gift cards through an online marketplace, then what better platform there could be other than Buysellvouchers is one of the most popular gift card marketplace in the world. Buysellvouchers has been around for over 10 years and has been facilitating buyers and sellers through its platform. Buysellvouchers offers the best terms and service and the lowest commission fee out of any other marketplace out there. The current fee for the sellers is only 1%. Exceptional customer support and transaction protective measures are also some of the many incredible features of Buysellvouchers.

Popular categories and products

You can find popular gift card categories on Buysellvouchers. These include retail stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. There are entertainment services such as Netflix and Spotify. Gaming platforms include PlayStation Network, Nintendo, Roblox, Xbox Live, Steam, and many others. Food and dining options feature Starbucks and Uber Eats. Online services include Google Play and App Store & iTunes. Travel and accommodation services include Airbnb and Uber.

Deposit and withdrawal methods offers a variety of convenient payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Users can fund their accounts using popular cryptocurrencies such as Tether TRC20, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDC (ERC20) providing fast and secure transactions. Withdrawals are processed efficiently, allowing users to quickly access their funds. This wide range of payment methods makes trading gift certificates on easy and convenient for everyone.

In case you are interested in buying gift cards in Canada, the Buysellvouchers Official Store offers a much wider range of payment methods.

Instruction, how to add a product to the Buysellvouchers platform.

To list vouchers for sale on BuySellVouchers, you must create an account on the site. To create an account on BuySellVouchers, click on the Register button at the top.

After that, you can either Sign Up using your existing Google account or alternatively create your own unique BuySellVouchers account by entering a valid email address, a username and password.

After you input your details and click on the Sign Up button, you will then be asked to verify your email by clicking on the link you just received in your email address. Do that and you’re all good to go.

You can now finally list your product for sale. To list a product for sale on BuySellVouchers, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Dashboard” from your profile.

  2. Go to the Profile tab.

  3. Click on the Start Selling button.

  4. Complete the verification and then go to the My Products tab.

  5. Click on “My Products”.

  6. Select Add New Product. Follow the instructions and add all required information related to the product (Name, Category, Price, Description, Image).

  7. Specify the payment methods in which you want to receive payment from the buyer.

  8. Enter the product codes and save them by pressing the “Save” button.

The product has been successfully added. Now you just have to wait for buyers. You will need a bit of patience at first, new sellers get purchases more slowly. Once your authority and ratings are improved, the number of buyers will increase faster.

Buy vouchers from the Buysellvouchers’ Official Store to resell them

Purchasing vouchers from the Buysellvouchers’ Official Store provides a reliable and efficient way to start your reselling business. The platform offers a wide selection of popular gift cards from popular brands, ensuring that you receive genuine products at competitive prices. By buying in bulk, you can take advantage of discounts and maximize your profit margins. The secure transaction process and dedicated customer support make it easy to manage your purchases and resales. With Buysellvouchers, entering the gift card resale market is both straightforward and profitable.

Final Words

The gift card market in Canada is growing the fastest it has ever been, which means that the best time to become a gift card seller is right now. Vouchers are sought after not only in Canada but all over the world because of their features of convenience and cheap prices. You can try selling gift cards either by opening your own local retail store or by creating a seller account on an online marketplace. If you choose to sell through an online marketplace visit Buysellvouchers as it is one of the most dominant digital goods marketplaces out there.

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