The Time Capsule Project Launches Global Initiative to Preserve Today’s Stories for 100 Years

June 06 22:18 2024
This ambitious initiative establishes ten time capsules worldwide to capture and preserve diverse narratives and digital legacies, unveiling them a century later for future generations.

Rendition of the monument installation, which will be built atop the time capsule location in New York. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

Led by experts in history, anthropology, philosophy, and more, the British-American non-profit organization known as The Time Capsule Project has launched a global initiative to capture and preserve contemporary human experiences for future generations. This project will establish ten massive time capsules around the world, filled with personal stories, artworks, and digital legacies, to be unveiled 100 years from now.

Aiming to collect a diverse array of contributions from individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide, this initiative focuses on culturally and historically significant locations such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, and others. Each capsule will be located in culturally and historically significant cities: New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, and Helsinki. These capsules will celebrate the vibrancy of today’s world for the curiosity of tomorrow’s explorers.

“The Time Capsule Project offers a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life to leave a lasting mark on history,” said Majed Alshafeai, Global Project Director. “By contributing their stories, memories, and creative works, individuals can help create a rich tapestry of our era that will educate and inspire future generations.”

Key Highlights

Who: The Time Capsule Project, a nonprofit social enterprise.

What: A global initiative to capture and preserve contemporary human experiences.

When: Contributions are accepted now. Capsules will be sealed over the next decade, with the first capsule to be sealed in New York in 2025. All capsules will be opened in 100 years.

Where: Capsules will be placed in New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, and Helsinki.

Why: To establish a lasting legacy that bridges generations and enhances the understanding of shared human experiences.

The state-of-the-art Time Capsule: 3m tall and 1.5m wide, made of durable Grade 5 Titanium to last over 100 years.

The Time Capsule Project aims to involve over a million participants from around the world, each contributing a unique piece of today’s world—be it a personal story, artwork, or digital creation. This collective effort seeks to document the diversity of early 21st-century life, creating a comprehensive historical archive. These contributions will offer future generations a detailed view of this era, fostering a deep connection between the past, present, and future.

The project has already garnered significant interest and support from various educational institutions, governments, and community organizations. Each capsule will be marked by a monument designed to reflect the local culture and history, ensuring that these sites become enduring symbols of global unity and cooperation. These monuments will honor contributors and serve as beacons to guide and inspire future generations.

This initiative employs advanced preservation methods to ensure the capsules can withstand the test of time and that their contents remain undamaged for future generations.

“We are thrilled to see such enthusiastic participation from around the globe,” said Alshafeai. “The Time Capsule Project is more than just a preservation effort; it’s a celebration of our shared humanity and a commitment to future generations.”

How to Participate

Contributors can participate for free by submitting digital files or small physical items through a secure portal. Each contribution will be reviewed and prepared for long-term preservation using advanced technologies to ensure its integrity over the next century.

Visit to learn more and submit contributions.

About The Time Capsule Project

The Time Capsule Project is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to capturing and preserving stories, memories, and creative works of people globally. Establishing time capsules in key cities worldwide, the project aims to create a lasting legacy that bridges generations and fosters a deeper understanding of shared human experiences.

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